Stapled Binding

This classic form of binding with two metal staples is ideal for brochures, magazines, booklets and price lists – the optimum solution for slimline yet striking publications that are quick and easy to flick through.

  • Custom size
  • Wide range of papers
  • Lamination and special finishes available

Metal Stapled Printing. What Is It, Its Strengths, and When to Use It?

Elegant, refined, and practical, metal stapled prints are undoubtedly the most cost-effective solution for creating booklets and magazines. This type of binding involves applying two metal staples to the document's spine, making the final product easy to flip through and aesthetically appealing.

Metal stapled binding is discreet, and the applied metal staples are barely visible, yet they provide excellent durability to the composition.

The Advantages of Metal Stapled Binding

Metal stapled binding is the ideal solution for:

  • Printing quickly at extremely low costs. In a very short time, you can have cost-effective publications directly on your desk.
  • Binding publications with limited pages. Thanks to this type of binding, it is possible to create magazines with as few as eight pages. Perfect for instruction booklets, informative brochures, or small product or store catalogs.

It is a binding technique that allows access to a more affordable final price. Your metal stapled prints will still have a professional appearance and ensure long-term reliability.

When to Use Metal Stapled Binding?

Metal stapled binding is particularly suitable when the publication has a limited number of pages, and you want to keep the thickness of our print slim.

Metal stapled binding is also an economical but highly durable binding method, which helps keep production costs low. As a result, this type of binding is often used to produce catalogs and promotional material with a relatively short lifecycle.

In cases where you want to print and bind a product that is more durable and intended for long-term use, the sewn binding is often preferred.

Print Custom Metal Stapled Magazines and Brochures

The new metal stapling options offered by Pixartprinting allow binding up to 96 pages per document. Ordering is simple: just choose the format to be bound, the desired number of copies, the paper weight, and the type of cover. We'll take care of the rest.

Configure your ideal product in just a few clicks:

  1. Format: You have the option to select the format of your metal stapled prints. Choose the custom format if you don't find the perfect solution among the predefined ones (A5, A4, 16.5 x 24 cm, and 21 x 21 cm).
  2. Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal.
  3. Inner pages paper: You can choose the type of paper that suits you best. In our dedicated catalog for metal stapled prints, you can find several options:
    • Matte coated paper - Classic demimatt: Ideal for combining affordability and high print quality.
    • Glossy coated paper - Classic gloss: Material with high brightness for vibrant and vivid colors.
    • Extraprint - Splendorgel Extra White: High-quality paper that produces high-definition prints with faithful details and realistic colors.
    • Rembrandt - Acquerello Stucco: Laid paper (with a surface crossed by thin raised lines), suitable for elegant products with a refined appearance.
    • Turner - Tintoretto Gesso: Felt-marked paper that provides a unique "orange peel" effect.
    • Underwood - Woodstock Betulla: Ivory-colored paper with surface irregularities that give it a distinctive appearance.
    • Ice White - Constellation Bigoffrata Snow: Embossed paper with a high level of whiteness, suitable for high-quality prints.
    • Recycled paper: Paper made from 100% recycled fibers.
  4. Cover: You can give your products' cover the appearance you desire by selecting the most suitable material. Additionally, you can make the cover of your booklets or brochures more resistant with Lamination. Although metal stapling allows for affordable and straightforward magazines, you can give them a sophisticated touch with laminated covers, either Matte or Soft Touch. Both protect the cover from scratches and signs of aging, but Soft Touch lamination creates a velvety feel, enhances colors, and adds a sophisticated look to magazines and catalogs.

Have doubts or indecision? Get a free quote directly online on the page. A few clicks are all you need to get all the information you require. Furthermore, for any issues, do not hesitate to contact the Pixartprinting technicians, ready to assist you through online chat or phone customer service!

Order your metal stapled prints in advance for an even more advantageous price!

Printing and Binding: Easy and Fast with Pixartprinting!

Within our extensive online catalog, you can find various solutions for printing and binding your booklets, brochures, or company catalogs. We print and bind any of your editorial products and provide you with the best binding techniques to ensure an absolute quality result. Choose the wire-o binding for greater resistance at still affordable prices, or the perfect bound binding to offer an elegant and sophisticated product.