Wire-o Binding

An all-round solution with 360° opening: wire binding is perfect for creating handy sales materials and publishing projects that are easy to browse. Available in two different colours, the binding allows your publication to be opened flat without damaging it.

  • Custom size
  • Binding in various positions
  • Lamination and special finishes available
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This product is FSC ™ certified
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

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Metal Spiral Binding

The Metal Spiral has always been one of the most widely used binding methods. Elegant, durable, and practical, Metal Spiral Binding is the ideal solution for binding publications subject to heavy use. The Metal Spiral is one of the most practical and fast binding techniques, allowing you to produce all your publications in a very short time and at extremely low costs.

What is Metal Spiral Binding?

Spiral binding is one of the most common binding methods. The printed sheets are overlapped and punched at the edge of the page. Unlike other bindings that use glue or thread to hold the sheets together, in this case, the pages are joined by applying a cylindrical metal spiral.

You will have a convenient product characterized by high durability. Choose a reliable binding method to organize your ideas and select the best printing partner to put your thoughts into black and white!

Advantages of Spiral Binding

The most interesting feature of this product is the convenience of being able to open the publication 360 degrees, making it easy to read. Using Spiral as the binding method allows you to flip through the publication freely without fear of damaging it. It is possible to open your magazine or catalogue up to 360 degrees, even with very thick sheets.

In summary, Spiral Binding offers these advantages:

  • Reduced price: Spiral Binding is cost-effective and affordable.
  • Sturdiness of the final product: Your prints will withstand wear and the passage of time thanks to reliable binding.
  • Convenience: During use, your editorial products will prove extremely convenient due to the possibility of 360-degree opening.

Print and Bind PDFs Online:

Have you created a beautiful PDF document and want to print it to distribute it to colleagues or clients? You're in the right place!

With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print and bind your PDFs easily, quickly, and affordably and have them delivered directly to your door. Why make life complicated by printing your PDF and then having to take it for binding when you can print and bind your PDF in one place?

Select the customization options you prefer on the page, upload the file to be printed, and give shape to Business Catalogues, Books, Calendars by printing your PDF file. We offer a professional printing service of the highest quality, characterized by attentive customer support.

Calendars, Books, Planners: All Within Reach with Spiral Binding

Among all types of binding, this is the most suitable for creating Calendars, Account Books, Catalogues, Music Sheets, Notebooks, and, last but not least, Planners in A4 or A5 format. If you need a catalogue to show to customers, with this type of binding, you can print a quality and durable product. This way, you can carry around a print that lasts over time and that your customers can flip through with extreme ease.

Metal Spiral Magazines are fully customizable: you can choose the Format (standard or customized), Orientation, and type of Paper. Pixartprinting offers a wide range of paper supports to choose from. The cover and inner pages can have the same type of paper or two different papers, with different weights, more or less consistent depending on your communication needs.

Here are the customization options available on the page:

  1. Format: You can select a predefined format from those proposed (A5, A4, A3, or 42x15 cm) or set a custom format by manually entering the desired measurements.
  2. Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal.
  3. Spiral Position: You can choose the side for Binding.
  4. Paper: We offer various materials for printing. You can choose your favorite and give your final product a unique appearance.
  5. Lamination: By laminating the cover, you can ensure greater protection for your Catalogues. Also, you can choose to apply a special Finish to the Lamination, matte or soft-touch.
  6. Spiral Color: Silver or Black.

Order Your Prints with Spiral Binding in Just a Few Clicks

Ordering prints with Spiral Binding is very simple, it takes just a few seconds! Just choose the format to be bound, the number of copies you want, the paper weight, and the type of cover. Pixartprinting will take care of everything else!

Order your Metal Spiral Bindings in advance to get an even more advantageous price! By selecting quantity and delivery date, you will access the useful free online quote, which will allow you to know the price of your Metal Spiral prints in real-time. Once purchased, they will be delivered to your office with fast and punctual shipping.

Online Printing and Binding with Pixartprinting: Discover the Wide Online Catalog!

On our website, you can find the most suitable binding method for your needs. In addition to Spiral Binding, we can also produce:

Choose the ideal product for you and create your Business Catalogues or Books in just a few clicks!