Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are designed for sticking to cars and vans to show off your branding while on the move. They are weatherproof and adhere securely to the surface without damaging the bodywork, making them perfect for temporarily decorating commercial vehicles.

  • Square-cut or cut to shape

Custom Magnetic Signs for Cars and Vans

To make communication more dynamic, attractive, and renewable with a simple gesture, custom magnetic signs are the ideal product. Those who think that magnets are limited to the cute magnet to hang on the fridge do not know the potential of magnetic film, which combines functionality with decoration possibilities offered by Pixartprinting.

There are many sizes and formats that allow you to unleash your creativity for eye-catching messages even on the move.

Print your Magnetic Stickers for Cars: Creativity in Traffic

Thanks to their resistance to weather conditions, especially wind, magnetic stickers for cars and vans guarantee excellent performance outdoors. Their exceptional adhesion makes them ideal for temporary decoration solutions for commercial vehicles, enhancing the brand and communication to attract attention even in city traffic. Despite their significant magnetic strength, which ensures a secure grip on the surface, they are easy to remove, leaving no trace on the support surfaces or bodywork once detached.

Magnetic signs for cars and vans are made of magnetic film, a durable material that ensures high-quality and long-lasting prints in both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, the UV inks used guarantee high-definition printing with brilliant colors. Take your messages on the road without worrying about the impact of the weather!

Are you a dealership looking for easy-to-remove stickers to decorate your cars for sale? Pixartprinting's magnetic signs for cars allow you to modify the vehicles for sale with your company name and remove them as soon as the car is sold. Simple, isn't it?

Magnetic Signs VS Vinyl Stickers: Which One to Choose for Your Car?

Custom magnetic stickers stand out from vinyl stickers due to the following features:

  • Easy application and removal
  • Can be reused on multiple vehicles
  • Adhere easily to any metal surface

Thanks to the new magnetic stickers, you can transform your vehicle into a real company vehicle in just a few steps, distinguished by the colors of your brand. Say goodbye to surface residue caused by adhesive stickers! The keyword is "functionality".

The Benefits of Magnetic Supports: Resistance and High-Definition Printing

Magnetic supports are made of isotropic magnetic film with a matte white PET front side and a matte black magnetic back side. The film adapts to the metal bodywork of cars and vans and guarantees excellent resistance even in motion. Moreover, this support is particularly suitable for printing. You have the possibility to print your graphics on the surface to easily spread your promotional messages, taking advantage of your business travel.

Magnetic supports have an unlimited lifespan indoors, while they withstand up to two years in outdoor environments. You can rely on a convenient, effective, and reliable communication tool.

Custom Magnetic Stickers for Displays and Visual Communication

Temporary signage and visual communication also become easier with magnetic stickers: it is sufficient to find the metal support on which to position, attach and detach at will, personalized images and messages. Small signs, outdoor graphics for shops and temporary stores, as well as exhibition setups and in-store promotions. Decorating a wall, a metal piece of furniture, or an accessory with magnetic prints can be fun and extremely easy because it does not require any special tools or adhesive, leaving only the pleasure of changing the message more frequently.

Do you want to change your restaurant's menu every day? With custom magnetic stickers, which adhere but are easy to remove, you can surprise your customers daily with captivating graphic proposals.

Customizable Stickers by Pixartprinting: Discover All Solutions to Decorate Your Surfaces!

Our extensive catalog includes a wide range of customizable adhesive products in large format for decorating spacious surfaces, as well as a rich selection of small-format stickers. Adhesive is a trendy communication tool: employees and customers can have fun spreading your logo and company colors by decorating the surfaces of their objects.

All our products are strictly customizable and always printed with state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee accurate colors and defined details.