Advertising Banners

We offer nine different types of advertising banners to print your message large. Choose the material that best suits your project and setting, and get yourself noticed!

Print custom banners

The banner is a timeless communication tool, used in both indoor and outdoor environments. It's ideal for promoting events or giving your brand great visibility, especially in outdoor contexts. It can be used on rigid structures such as fences, scaffolding, wire mesh, etc. With Pixartprinting, you can create professional banner prints, banners, and mesh banners on non-adhesive materials, to have an advertising product that aligns with your brand's corporate image. Take advantage of the excellent quality-price ratio and order online your custom banners! You can do it in just a few simple clicks on our website. You will receive the product directly in your office, with fast and punctual shipping. Our customer support services will be ready to help you overcome any difficulties during the ordering process or after-sales.

Our banners

You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of models that meet your needs:

  • PVC banners: ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they are incredibly suitable for printing and ensure great durability. They are characterized by high resistance to weathering, especially sunlight.
  • Mesh banners: perfect for outdoor use thanks to their resistance to wind currents. The mesh material allows air to pass through the banner, which will remain securely attached to the structure.
  • TNT banners: economical, lightweight, and easily disposable. They are a smart yet highly effective solution, especially for promoting events within a limited time frame.
  • Fabric banners: elegant and impactful, they are perfect for indoor environments and also for short-term outdoor exhibitions.
  • Backlit banners: the best choice if you want to give great visibility to your advertising messages even at night, in the absence of natural light.
  • Double-sided banners: banners on which images can be applied on both sides.
  • Flags and synthetic fabrics: economical and high-quality fabric printing.
  • Blockout banners: sustainable and equipped with technology that prevents light from passing through, to avoid any interference and maximize image visibility.
  • Windproof banners: the best choice for exposure in particularly windy environments.
  • Fence banners: ideal for utilizing the structure of fences, covering their plain steel appearance.

Still undecided? We give you the opportunity to see and feel our products to assist you in making your choice. Order our banner sample pack now. You can compare the different materials firsthand.

PVC, TNT, or Mesh Advertising Banners

PVC advertising banners are ideal for outdoor use. You can use them to spread your promotional messages during fairs and special events such as festivals or sports events. PVC is an economical material that ensures high-quality images. It is resistant to outdoor exposure and provides a 3-year lifespan in outdoor environments.

Non-Woven advertising banners (Non-Woven Fabric) are characterized by surprising lightness and brilliant, defined print quality. They have an indefinite lifespan in indoor environments and approximately 2 weeks outdoors. They are recommended for indoor events or short-duration outdoor events.

Mesh advertising banners are designed to withstand strong wind gusts typical of scaffolding and scaffolding. The wide mesh structure of the material ensures excellent resistance even in adverse weather conditions. Your promotional messages will always be visible, even in strong winds or when hung at great heights.

Fabric Advertising Banners

Fabric advertising banners are available in 3 different materials: 235 gsm polyester, 115 gsm windproof nautical fabric, and 130 gsm deluxe flag fabric. They can be printed in custom sizes using state-of-the-art technology. They are perfect for elegant communication in sophisticated environments or classy events.

Backlit and Blockout Banners

Backlit banners are ideal for dark or nighttime environments. They allow light to pass through and can be positioned near light sources for full image visibility. They can be printed on extreme backlight 450 gsm or backlit fabric 150 gsm.

Blockout banners, on the other hand, are suitable for very bright environments as they prevent light from passing through the fabric. They provide excellent image visibility in open-air environments characterized by natural light. They are printed on ecoflat 398 gsm or fabric with opaque backing 240 gsm.

Windproof Advertising Banners

Want to promote your business outdoors? Worried that the wind may detach your banners from their anchor points? Then windproof banners are perfect for you. They are made of wide mesh fabric, allowing air to pass through and preventing the sail effect. You can choose between 260 gsm mesh fabric and 115 gsm nautical flag fabric: the former can last up to 3 years without protection, while the latter withstands up to 2 years in outdoor environments and is also suitable for washing.

Custom Advertising Banners, printed with your graphics

Within the product page, you can select the configuration options that suit your communication needs to create custom banners. Once you have configured the product, download the useful Template from the page. Inside, you will find instructions from our graphic designers for properly setting up your print file.

Creating banners online with Pixartprinting is easy and affordable. Take advantage of the offer and print your new advertising banners in just a few clicks!

Creating graphics for your new banners is easy

Pixartprinting is the ideal print partner for small and large businesses. We can accompany you from the moment you design your graphics to the printing stage. You can choose from three different solutions for creating your graphic file:

  • Templates and instructions: If you have the necessary knowledge to set up your file, we recommend downloading the Template and Instructions from the product page. They will be helpful during the graphics creation process.
  • Designer: You also have the option to create your graphics in just a few clicks directly on our website using the new online editor.
  • Design services: Finally, you can also request the support of one of our professional graphic designers to guide you through the creation of your project. You can request file editing or have a new design created based on your specifications.

Print custom banners in custom sizes

Select the most suitable customizable banner model and configure the product in just a few clicks! You have the option to choose the ideal dimensions for printing your new promotional banner. Select one of the predefined sizes or enter the dimensions that suit your needs.

Advertising banners and other outdoor products

At Pixartprinting, you will discover a wide range of products for promoting your brand in outdoor environments. We recommend taking a special look at our outdoor display stands and high-quality posters.

Don't limit your desire to communicate! Choose the quality and punctuality of Pixartprinting's service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising Banners

  • What models of advertising banners can I choose from? In our extensive online catalog, you can choose from a wide range of advertising banner models: PVC banners, mesh banners, non-woven banners, fabric banners, backlit banners, double-sided banners, blockout banners, and windproof banners. They are all customizable with your graphics and printed in high definition.
  • How can I order my new advertising banners? Ordering your new advertising banners with Pixartprinting is easy. Choose your preferred model and select the customization options that suit your needs. Once you have completed the configuration, download the Template with Instructions from the product page. These will guide you in setting up your file. Place your order and upload your print file to receive your advertising banners directly in your office (or at your doorstep).
  • Which advertising banners are suitable for outdoor use? PVC banners, mesh banners, and windproof banners are ideal for outdoor use. They ensure support resistance to natural phenomena and long-lasting prints. Windproof banners, in particular, can also be displayed in very windy locations (such as building facades or scaffolding).
  • Are advertising banners printable on both sides? Double-sided advertising banners can be printed on both sides. They are made of PVC with a blockout core that prevents light from filtering through the support. This way, both sides of the banner are clearly visible, even when exposed to light.