Banners for Barriers

As well as controlling crowds at concerts, sporting events, festivals and trade fairs, barriers also double as a useful communication tool. Make the most of barriers by covering them with your message. There are three different materials and sizes to choose from to print your advertising, signage or information.

  • 3 materials
  • 3 sizes
  • Accessories supplied

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Large Format Customized Barrier Banners

Custom Printing of Bespoke Banners

Elevate your branding with customized barrier banners made from a variety of materials featuring your own unique artwork. These banners are ideal for directing customers to your exhibition stand, promoting upcoming events, concealing unsightly construction sites, or simply creating a large-scale brand presence. With Pixartprinting, there are endless possibilities for personalizing your banners to fit your company's specific needs.

Options for Customizing Your Barrier Banners

When ordering your customized barrier banners from Pixartprinting, you have numerous customization options available:

  • Size: Customize the banner's dimensions to suit your needs, or choose from two standard sizes: 250 x 84 cm or 229 x 73 cm.
  • Material: Choose from three different banner materials, including Extreme Classic PVC 500 gsm, Ferrari 260 gsm, or Non-Woven Fabric 95 gsm. Each option has its unique properties and benefits.
  • Banner Printing: Depending on the format you select, you may choose to print on the front only, the same front and back, or have different designs on each side.
  • Accessories: Add galvanized aluminum eyelets to the entire perimeter or the left and right sides of your banner, along with transparent cable ties. The recommended number of eyelets will be calculated automatically based on your banner's dimensions.

Fast Delivery of Your Customized Banners

Pixartprinting provides multiple price and delivery options to suit your budget and timeline needs. For rush projects, we can deliver your customized barrier banners in as little as 48 hours.