Banners for Barriers

As well as controlling crowds at concerts, sporting events, festivals and trade fairs, barriers also double as a useful communication tool. Make the most of barriers by covering them with your message. There are three different materials and sizes to choose from to print your advertising, signage or information.

  • 3 materials
  • 3 sizes
  • Accessories supplied

Print Banners for Barriers

Do you use barriers in your work? Are you constantly looking for ways to promote your brand? Pixartprinting has the solution for both questions: custom banners for barriers.

Custom Banners for Barriers

You can order the perfect barrier banners for your brand, taking advantage of extensive customization options.

  1. Material: You have three options for your barrier banners. The 500 gsm Extreme Classic is an economical and long-lasting vinyl banner (up to 3 years without protection) suitable for many applications. The 260 gsm Fireproof Ferrari banner can last up to 3 years without protection and is ideal for withstanding wind gusts on scaffolding. Finally, the Non-woven fabric is a lightweight disposable material, printed with 6-color sublimation at 600 dpi resolution.
  2. Size: There are two pre-defined sizes, 250x84 cm and 229x73 cm. However, you can specify custom dimensions, indicating the width (minimum 50 cm, maximum 300 cm) and height (minimum 50 cm, maximum 150 cm).
  3. Orientation: Horizontal.
  4. Printing instructions: You can decide whether to print the front and back identical or different from each other. It is also possible to print only on the front side.
  5. Cutting method: Contour or square.
  6. Accessory type: You can choose between two possibilities. The galvanized aluminum eyelets measure 2.3 cm in diameter, 1.5 cm from the edge. You can also combine them with transparent ties, 43 cm long and 0.5 cm wide.
  7. Accessory arrangement: All around the perimeter.

Practical Applications for Barrier Banners

Any surface can be a communication tool: you can use your folding barriers for this purpose, employing the banners at outdoor events to provide directions to customers. Furthermore, you can use barriers to promote your brand.

Products to Combine With Custom Banners

If you have limited time but still want to print our banners, you can use the pre-configured banner. If you want to explore all our offers in this regard, you can check the section on mesh banners.