Blockout Banners

Available in either plastic or fabric, blockout banners prevent light from passing through, making your images crystal clear without any transparency. Ideal for advertising that will be displayed in sunny public spaces with impaired visibility.

  • Customisable with eyelets and bungees
  • Optional reinforced edges
  • Optional pole pocket

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Print Blockout Banners with Pixartprinting

Do you own a business and want to promote an event in your city? Do you want to give maximum visibility to your event or charity initiative? The Blockout Banner is a widely used communication tool for promotion during outdoor events such as sports events and concerts. It is designed to block the passage of light through the banner's surface and provide maximum visibility for a logo or message. It is printed on a support with an opaque backing, which allows for high-definition images that are always perfectly visible.

With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print your Blockout Banners in just a few clicks through this page. Simply choose the configuration options that suit your needs and upload the file containing your graphics. Once the order is complete, you will receive your new Banners conveniently at your office with fast and punctual shipping. The keyword is "customization."

Print Eco-friendly and Easily Disposed-of Banners

The Blockout Banner is essentially a square (or custom-shaped) canvas with perimeter reinforcements and eyelets (or other accessories) on which a customized image is printed. The choice of material depends greatly on the context in which the banner will be used:

  • EcoFlat: It is a multilayer, anti-curling support produced by combining two layers of PVC and one layer of PET. It has a smooth surface and a gray backing that prevents light from filtering through. It ensures maximum visibility of the printed image, even in outdoor environments with strong brightness. It is an eco-friendly choice because the material can withstand outdoor conditions for a long time and is easily disposed of.
  • Blockout Fabric: The name of this material comes from its ability to block the passage of light. In this case as well, the goal is to guarantee maximum legibility of the image. It is a densely woven polyester support with a printable surface in high definition and a matte black Polyamide backing.

Customization of Blockout Banners

For printing your Blockout Banners, you also have the option to input the ideal dimensions of the banner (width and height) and choose the orientation (horizontal or vertical). Additionally, you can select the best accessories based on your intended use:

  1. Eyelets: Available in classic galvanized aluminum or transparent high-resistance polycarbonate, eyelets are the most common solution for installing banners. You can use eyelets to anchor your tensioning ropes or cords.
  2. Tensioning Ropes: Made of white plastic with cotton cords or elastic ropes with a hook, these are ideal for quickly installing the banner.

The accessories can be placed along the entire perimeter of the product or on one or more selected sides.

Order Your Blockout Banners in a Few Clicks

Once you have completed the product configuration, you can select the desired quantity and delivery date. Remember to order in advance to access lower prices! Thanks to the convenient free online quote visible on the page, you can know the final price of your product in real time.

To achieve a result that meets your expectations, download the valuable template from the page and follow all the instructions from our graphic designers when setting up your print file. If you don't have a print file yet, you can use Designer - our free online editor - to create a new design easily and quickly.

In any case, our customer support services will be available to help you resolve any doubts or address specific needs.

Blockout Banners and Other Custom Banners

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