Double-sided Banners

Double-sided banners are made from multiple layers: a blockout banner core with a PVC banner on each side. The central layer prevents light from passing through, so the image on the back is not visible. This allows both sides of the banner to be customised, leaving plenty of space for your message. Perfect for roadside advertising that can be read when travelling in either direction.

  • Customisable with eyelets and bungees
  • Optional reinforced edges
  • Optional pole pocket

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Get noticed with a Double-sided banner

Perfect for Fairs and Exhibitions

Showcase your brand with Pixartprinting’s range of portable banners. Designed for (trade) fairs, exhibitions, events, and shopping malls, our banners are lightweight, easy to transport and stand out once set up. We offer bespoke banners with a wide range of designs and sizes to choose from. Our most popular option is the double-sided banner, which is made from a unique material that allows for printing on both sides.

Exceptional Quality

Our banners are made with ECO flat, semi-rigid PVC/PET material that is fully biodegradable. Printed with our advanced DURST P-10 printers, you can expect stunning print quality with vibrant colors that remain beautiful even in outdoor settings. The durable materials and smart construction make our double-sided outdoor banners a reliable and cost-effective solution.

An Innovative Solution

Say goodbye to using two separate banners for a double-sided presentation. Our double-sided banner is crafted with a black intermediate layer that ensures the material is opaque, even in the brightest outdoor light. The result is a sleek, professional-looking banner that is perfect for showcasing your message to the world.

Create a Unique Display

Pixartprinting offers a wide variety of portable banners, perfect for every occasion. Our advanced printing technologies and high-quality materials ensure that your banner is a stylish and effective way to represent your brand. Our online ordering process is quick and easy, simply specify your requirements for your double-sided outdoor banner on the order form, upload your print file using our handy template and track your order in real-time. Our designers are also available to check your file to ensure all information is correct.

Fast Delivery and Competitive Prices

Thanks to our experience in the printing industry and advanced technologies, we can deliver high-quality custom-made banners quickly and at competitive prices that few other companies can match.

Other Display Options

In addition to our double-sided outdoor banners, we also offer displays made from a variety of materials. Check out our range of POS displays made from sturdy and lightweight corrugated plastic, or our corrugated table displays and brochure racks.