Double-sided Banners

Double-sided banners are made from multiple layers: a blockout banner core with a PVC banner on each side. The central layer prevents light from passing through, so the image on the back is not visible. This allows both sides of the banner to be customised, leaving plenty of space for your message. Perfect for roadside advertising that can be read when travelling in either direction.

  • Customisable with eyelets and bungees
  • Optional reinforced edges
  • Optional pole pocket

Print Customized Double Sided Banners Online

The double-sided banner is a banner that can be printed on both sides: the ideal solution when you need to hang banners in areas with both car and pedestrian traffic. Make your message stand out with double-sided banners! Pixartprinting's innovative Extreme Blockout PVC blocks the passage of light, reducing the transparency of the material and ensuring perfect readability of the banner.

We recommend using this product for outdoor advertising in sports, trade fairs, roads, and events.

Why Order Double Sided Banners?

The double-sided banners are printed on Extreme Blockout, a 600gsm PVC composed of two outer layers of white PVC and an inner black layer with high density, capable of blocking light.

This type of double-sided banner is printed with high-definition detail thanks to LED technology, resulting in sharp and brilliant results. The double-sided banner printed on Pixartprinting's Extreme Blockout is ideal for outdoor hanging: it is highly weather-resistant and B1 certified for flame retardance.

Like all banners, the double-sided banner is finished with sturdy eyelets, holes, and perimeter reinforcements applied during production. These measures make it easier to hang your banner and make it more durable over time.

Accessories for Installing Your Banners

Along with your personalized double-sided banners, you have the option to order practical accessories for installation. Eyelets and Tensioners to hang the banners with ease.

  • Galvanized aluminum eyelets
  • High-resistance polycarbonate eyelets
  • Galvanized aluminum eyelets with black or white tensioner
  • High-resistance polycarbonate eyelets with black or white tensioner

Choose the best accessory for your usage context and start using your new double-sided banners right away!

Fast and Affordable: Pixartprinting Supports Your Business

As with the entire Pixartprinting catalog, ordering this product is easy and fast thanks to the convenient online quote. You can discover the price of your double-sided banner in real-time directly on the product page. The free quote system will take into account the options you select and provide you with the final price in advance.

Once the order is completed, you will receive the product directly at your office through fast and punctual deliveries. In case of any doubts or difficulties, you can rely on our helpful customer support services.

Many Materials for Your Banners: Choose the Most Suitable for Your Promotion!

On our website, you can discover numerous different materials for producing your banners! Eight different substrates, each with unique properties suitable for specific usage contexts: PVC banners, Mesh banners, Non-woven banners, Fabric banners, Backlit, Blockout, and Windproof banners.

If you are undecided about the most suitable material, we recommend ordering our useful material sample kit so you can touch and see with your own eyes all the types of banners we offer.