Windproof Banners

The PVC mesh and windproof outdoor fabric are designed to withstand gusts of wind in outdoor environments, making them perfect for advertising on scaffolding or on the front of museums, schools or shops. The windproof outdoor fabric is designed to give your message a sophisticated look, while the mesh is a tough material, able to cope with poor weather conditions.

  • Customisable with eyelets and bungees
  • Optional reinforced edges
  • Optional pole pocket

Print on Windproof Banners: Discover Microperforated PVC and Nautical Flag Fabric

Often, banners hung in outdoor environments risk flying away or being toppled by gusts of wind. Their compact surface acts like a sail, causing them to move or detach from the wall they were hung on. To avoid all this, Pixartprinting offers you windproof advertising banners, designed specifically to be displayed in highly windy outdoor environments. Printing on windproof fabric ensures the tool's high reliability and high-definition images. Mesh fabric and windproof flag fabric are two incredibly suitable materials for printing:

  • 260g Mesh Fabric: This is a microperforated PVC support, frequently used for printing banners intended for scaffolding or other particularly windy outdoor environments. The maximum printable area on a single mesh fabric banner is 314 cm.
  • 115g Windproof Nautical Flag Fabric: This wide-mesh fabric is ideal for producing promotional flags and banners. It is printable in high definition and guarantees bright colors.

Choose the most suitable printing support for your needs and print your customized images on windproof banners! You have the option to personalize and order the product in just a few clicks, and then receive it directly at your office with fast and punctual deliveries. You will see the final price thanks to the convenient free quote, automatically calculated during configuration.

Order Your Custom Windproof Banners Online

Inside the page, you can select the customization options that suit you best to create your ideal product:

  1. Dimensions and Orientation: Enter the Base and Height measurements in the appropriate spaces and choose the Orientation of your new banners, Vertical or Horizontal.
  2. Cutting Method: 260g Mesh fabric supports can be contour cut. A contour cut follows the exact edges of your graphics, ensuring a perfect overlay with your image.
  3. Accessories: To make the installation of your new banners easier, we also offer matching Accessories, such as Eyelets and Bungees. Galvanized aluminum eyelets are a standard but effective solution, while transparent polycarbonate eyelets provide maximum visibility for the graphics. The Bungees (Black or White) are made with a hook and a 20 cm elastic cord. You can place the Accessories around the entire perimeter or only on some sides.
  4. Perimeter Reinforcement and Sleeve: To strengthen the eyelet application area, you can choose to introduce a perimeter reinforcement. Additionally, you can also include a folded Sleeve.

Discover Other Pixartprinting Custom Advertising Banners

In our online catalog, you can find many other models of customizable banners. Windproof banners are just one of the many supports we offer to create advertising banners that perfectly match your corporate image: PVC, Mesh, TNT (Non-Woven Fabric), Fabric, Blockout, Backlit.

A solution suitable for any usage context. Many ideas to help you express your promotional messages effectively!