Corrugated plastic

These extremely lightweight polypropylene panels are affordable, versatile and highly weather resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use. Perfect for building site signage, estate agent boards and road signs, the optional eyelets make them easy to install. Available in a classic version with visible white edges, or in Akyprint with black edges, ideal for double-sided printing.

  • 3.5 mm or 5 mm thick
  • From 10 x 10 cm

Online Printing on Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is one of the most widely used rigid materials in digital signage printing.
It is a support made of polypropylene, with a central structure in a "honeycomb" pattern enclosed by two compact sheets. That's why it is also called Corrugated Polypropylene.

These characteristics make Corrugated plastic a lightweight yet durable support, economical, and particularly suitable for digital printing.

Corrugated plastic: for lightweight communication designed for the outdoors

Corrugated plastic is the lightest rigid support used for creating outdoor promotional products. It is widely used for producing all types of signage because it is resistant to temperature changes and weather conditions. It is also very lightweight and versatile, making it suitable for various applications: workplaces like construction sites or facilities, events, outdoor promotions, etc. Corrugated plastic is a plastic material derived from the processing of corrugated polypropylene through an environmentally friendly and safe process. Being a plastic support, it has natural elasticity that provides great reliability even under heavy stress: it withstands impacts, liquids, and extreme temperatures.

It is also incredibly suited for printing, which can be applied on both sides of the panel. At Pixartprinting, we are well aware of this and use the best printing techniques to apply custom images and graphics to high-quality Corrugated plastic panels. You can conveniently order your promotional products in polypropylene online with just a few clicks. You will receive supports tailored for your intended use, ready for installation and use.

We are the European leaders in Web to Print, and we rely on our 25 years of experience to deliver the highest print quality on the market to our 900,000 customers, thanks to careful material study and the latest technologies. Quality and service punctuality are the two factors that guide our daily work, leading 97% of our customers to use our products again.

Online Printing of Construction Site Boards

Corrugated plastic is the perfect material typically used to print construction site boards, such as building permits, the logo of the company carrying out the works, the render of the finished construction, or various signage. But why is this product the most suitable for construction site boards? In addition to the custom cutting, this type of support is particularly suitable because it is very resistant, lightweight, and therefore easy to transport and economical.

Another advantage of printing on Corrugated plastic is that it is an extremely suitable material for high-quality printing. If you need to print a logo or, even better, if you need to print the render of the construction showing the completed building, you can rest assured that you will have all the printing definition you need.

Your Custom Printing on Corrugated Plastic Panels

With Pixartprinting, you can print your custom graphics and high-resolution images on Corrugated plastic panels online. You have the option to select the material, thickness, format, and cutting mode of the support, providing precise printing instructions that suit your needs. You can do this easily and intuitively within the product page:

  • Material and thickness:
    • Corrugated plastic 3.5 mm
    • Corrugated plastic 5 mm
    • Akyprint 3.5 mm: a material very similar to Corrugated plastic, but with a smooth outer surface
  • Format: You can choose from one of the 11 pre-defined formats or manually enter the ideal dimensions for your corrugated plastic panels.
  • Printing instructions: single-sided, same image on both sides, or different images on both sides.
  • Cutting mode: square or contour-cut.
  • Varnishing: the option to apply a glossy scratch-resistant protective layer, recommended to ensure long-lasting image durability even under heavy stress.

Order your Corrugated plastic panels with custom images online on our website and take advantage of the competitive prices!

Free Online Quote, Easy Online Purchase, and Fast Shipping: Convenient and Intuitive Corrugated Plastic Printing

You can easily order the product online after completing the customization. Download the template and follow the instructions for the correct setup of your print file containing the image. This way, you can ensure the best possible result. Select the customization options on the product page and choose the ideal delivery date for you. You will receive the product directly to your office, with fast and punctual shipping. Remember that our customer support services are always available to help you overcome any difficulties or unexpected issues.

Corrugated plastic Printing, Rigid Supports, and Other Materials

At Pixartprinting, we use a wide range of rigid supports for printing custom images and graphics:

  • Forex (PVC)
  • Aluminum
  • Plexiglas
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Sandwich
  • Cardboard

In our website, you can find everything you need for your indoor or outdoor promotions. Each material is suitable for specific uses and uniquely accommodates ink. For this reason, we offer the most suitable printing techniques to achieve the best possible quality on each surface.

If you are still unsure about the material, don't worry; you have the option to order our useful sample pack of rigid supports, which allows you to touch each support and see with your own eyes the particular color rendering.

If you are looking for a way to create signs for your real estate agency, you can also check out our more specific product, "real estate panel."