Window Stickers

Our window stickers ensure your displays always have that little extra something – customise your message based on the season, sales or special events, and replace the stickers as often as you like. Use them to decorate the windows of your restaurant, bar or office to create a unique environment or to grab the attention of passers-by.

  • Optional mirror printing
  • Lamination available

Custom window decals for shop and car windows

Custom printed window decals

Shops, offices and restaurants can benefit from eye-catching custom window stickers that entice customers and promote their products. Vinyl window decals are highly cost-effective marketing devices as they are durable and can last up to three years. Pixartprinting delivers all forms of window stickers using a wide range of materials and laminations.

Personalise your window decals using our online form to create a bespoke product in line with your company’s brand. Pixartprinting only uses the highest quality materials and the most advanced printing technology to ensure all projects are completed to our customers’ requirements.

Window decals - Shapes & sizes

Window stickers for shops are Pixartprinting’s most popular form of custom printed window decals, however they can also be used for a myriad of business purposes. With 16 materials to choose from, your final project can be fully customised to ensure it communicates your message clearly and efficiently. All materials come with a wide range of lamination options to give your project the desired look and feel.

For ease of use, Pixartprinting offers 3 cutting options including squared and cut to shape, however please note that for custom window stickers, we do not carry out pre-spaced vinyl lettering decals or multiple cuts of different artworks within the same graphic file. For more information on graphic files including formats and margins please download our Instructions Manual.

High-quality materials for your custom printed window decals

Pixartprinting boasts a vast range of materials to suit a variety of applications, so whether you require custom vinyl stickers online for your shop, vehicle or restaurant, we have the perfect option for you.

Our adhesive vinyl is affordable, lasts for up to 3 years in non-abrasive environments and is suitable for any flat surface. You can select matt, gloss or mirrored versions, or choose lamination for protection from scratches, ensuring an even longer-lasting product. If you require a solution for uneven surfaces, our EasyWall Transparent material is ideal for glass and wall applications. Alternatively, choose our one-way vinyl decals that can only be seen from one direction, making them perfect for rear windscreens in cars and vans, or try the two-way window stickers suitable for both shops and vehicles.

Delivery can be scheduled for as little as 48 hours, depending on your requirements, the selected materials and the complexity of your customisation, but you can rest assured that Pixartprinting will ensure that the process of ordering your custom vinyl stickers online runs as smoothly as possible.

Here is a full list of the materials available for your custom window stickers:

  • Matt Monomeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl – Matt, 100 microns thick
  • Gloss Monomeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl – Gloss, 100 microns thick
  • Transparent Self-Adhesive Vinyl – Transparent, ideal for flat, smooth surfaces or glass
  • Transparent Self-Adhesive vinyl with selective White – As above but with a selective white layer
  • Transparent Self-Adhesive Vinyl with selective White – Mirrored – Includes white printing and mirrored printing, which is suitable for vinyl that needs to be applied to the inside and visible from the outside of a window
  • Gloss Polymeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl with grey back - The grey back means the colours in the artwork stand out even when applied to coloured surfaces or to aluminium or other metals. Weather-proof, particularly if laminated.
  • Backlit Opal Self-Adhesive Vinyl – 90 microns thick. Suitable for flat surfaces
  • Transparent EasyWall – Easy to remove and reposition without bubbles forming
  • Transparent EasyWall – Mirrored – As above but reverse printed so it can be viewed from outside a window
  • Transparent Self-Adhesive Vinyl – Mirrored – Transparent and includes mirrored printing
  • One Way Self-Adhesive Vinyl - Perforated self-adhesive vinyl with a black back, designed so the artwork is only visible from the outside. Ideal for transparent surfaces and vehicle windows
  • Two Way Self-Adhesive Vinyl – Designed to be seen from both the inside and outside, ideal for shop windows or vehicles

Ordering window decals from Pixartprinting

It is easy to order custom window stickers online from Pixartprinting. On the product page, there is a step-by-step form to work through that is clearly laid out to help you. Firstly, you select your preferred customisation options, such as material, size, etc. Then a quote will automatically be generated and you will be given a range of prices based on the estimated delivery date. This means that you can prioritise speed or budget if required!

Once you’ve chosen the most suitable price and delivery date for your custom window stickers, tell us whether you would like to upload your own artwork or create a file using our Designer tool. If you are uploading your own file, please download the Template and Instructions files provided as they contain guidelines to help you set your artwork up correctly.

Then, complete your order, send us your artwork and wait for your high-quality window decals to be delivered to your chosen address!

The window decals Designer tool

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own artwork set up to print your custom window decals through us. You can use our handy new Designer tool to create your artwork on our website. Simply click “Create your file” instead of “Upload your file” and you will automatically be taken to the tool. There you will have a blank canvas on which you can upload images, add text in a variety of fonts and work with different shapes and backgrounds.

Of course, if you prefer to work in your own software, you can download our Template and then “Upload your file” instead. You can even have it checked by one of our graphic designers for a small fee.

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