Car and Motorcycle Stickers

Any surface can be a marketing tool, cars and vans included – customise them with our special self-adhesive vinyl! Choose from a range of materials, which all ensure excellent adherence even when on the move.

  • 6 materials
  • Lamination available

Personalised Stickers for Cars, Motorcycles, and Vans

Let your advertising travel! From now on, Pixartprinting offers you convenient solutions to decorate your vehicles. The custom stickers for cars, motorcycles and vans are ideal for branding your vehicles. They are characterized by high resistance in outdoor environments and will give your business the visibility it deserves, even during your travels. They are printed on adhesive vinyl or on magnetic film, depending on your needs, and allow you to turn a regular vehicle into a company vehicle in just a few minutes!

Show off your brand's colors on the roads! You won't have to fear the effects of speed or bad weather: Pixartprinting's custom car stickers have been designed to effectively meet such requirements.

Order your custom car stickers now! You can do it in just a few clicks through this page, to receive the product directly at your office with fast and punctual shipping, even within 24 hours.

Print Your Custom Car Stickers

On this page, you can create custom car stickers that perfectly match your company's corporate image. You have the possibility to select the configuration options you prefer to create an ideal product for you:

  • Material: We offer 6 different materials for printing your new custom car stickers. You can create classic stickers using adhesive vinyl, or innovative magnet stickers using magnetic film without glue.
  • Cut: The sticker cut determines the perimeter along which it is cut. A shaped cut gives the sticker a perimeter that perfectly matches the shape of your graphic.
  • Dimensions: You can choose the base and height dimensions you prefer.
  • Lamination: On some materials, it is also possible to apply a surface lamination, which protects the print from scratches and UV rays.

Custom Car Stickers: Classic, Transparent, or Magnetic

Here you will find some more information about the available materials for printing your new custom car stickers for cars, motorcycles, and vans:

  • Glossy Cast Adhesive Vinyl with Gray Back: High-quality and deformable adhesive vinyl. It has no memory effect, does not deform over time, and adapts perfectly to curved or irregular surfaces. It has excellent water resistance and comes with a perfectly covering gray back.
  • Gray Back Polymeric Adhesive Vinyl: Adhesive vinyl characterized by good deformability and adaptability to smooth, even curved surfaces. It has good resistance in outdoor environments, especially if laminated.
  • Transparent Adhesive: Transparent monomeric adhesive vinyl, with a lifespan of up to 3 years in outdoor environments, ideal for application on flat surfaces.
  • Oneway Adhesive Vinyl: Perforated adhesive vinyl that allows visibility in one direction (from the inside to the outside of the vehicle and not vice versa). Generally applied to the rear windows of cars or vans.
  • Doubleway Adhesive Vinyl: Transparent perforated adhesive vinyl that allows visibility in both directions. Ideal for application on car and van windows.
  • Magnetic Film: Printable film with a magnetic black-coated back, ideal for application on the metal bodies of vehicles. It does not require the use of glue but adheres perfectly to the surface and is characterized by high resistance. It leaves no residue and is reusable.

If you are still undecided about the most suitable material for your needs, don't worry, we offer you the option to order our useful PVC sticker sample pack to feel the quality of our custom car or motorcycle stickers firsthand and make your decision with confidence.

Print Personalised Motorcycle Stickers

With Pixartprinting, you can create personalised stickers for motorcycles with the images or texts you desire. Print whatever you want and make your bike unique and recognizable with your personalised motorcycle stickers. Creating them is extremely easy and takes just a few minutes.

There are so many possibilities for printing your motorcycle stickers. For example, you can print a name, either yours or the rider's, or even your partner's. Alternatively, you can print images and texts as you like; just measure the pieces of the motorcycle where they should be attached and choose what to print. Now it's up to you to be creative!

Personalised motorcycle stickers are of high quality and resistance, they are not afraid of water and dirt, so you can wash your motorcycle without damaging them.

So, what are you waiting for? Print motorcycle stickers right away!

Ordering Your New Custom Car and Motorcycle Stickers Is Easy!

You can order your new custom car stickers or motorcycle stickers through this page in just a few clicks:

  1. Personalize them by selecting the configuration options you prefer.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions from our graphics team to correctly set up your print file.
  3. Place your order and upload your file to complete the purchase.

Don't have the skills to set up your graphics on your own? Don't worry. We offer two other convenient solutions for creating your stickers easily and quickly. Discover Designer, our free online editor, and our new Design Service! By choosing the latter, you can receive the support of our professional graphic designer, who can modify your graphics or create a new proposal based on your instructions.

Custom Decals for Cars, Motorcycles, and Vans

The decal (or simply "decal") is a special adhesive vinyl print that allows you to personalize various types of surfaces, such as a car's body. Our experts have selected the best materials for the creation of custom decals that can last a long time and guarantee high-definition prints.

Apply your tailored graphics to your vehicles and give visibility to your business!

Custom Car Stickers and More Ideas for Your Company Vehicle

At Pixartprinting, you will discover many original ideas for customizing your vehicles. We offer not only a wide range of large-format stickers but also a series of gadgets that are always useful and tailored to you! For example, take a look at our Personalised High Visibility Vests, for maximum visibility for you and your brand. To never run out of energy during your work trips, you can rely on the Aluminium Portable Chargers, also customizable!

Choose the high print quality and punctuality of Pixartprinting! Available all year round.