Self-Adhesive Vinyl for Floors

Self-adhesive vinyl for floors is the ideal solution for creating signage for your business, for use at a trade fair, or for museums, offices and shops. The Safeway material is resistant to water and cleaning products, so it does not become slippery when wet.

  • Anti-slip
  • Square-cut or cut to shape

Custom Floor Stickers: Stay on Track and Promote Your Business!

Have you ever found yourself lost in a large building or feeling disoriented on the streets of a city while searching for an event? Are you looking for an original way to promote your business or special event? Floor stickers are the best solution for your needs. They can be used to create customized signage or walkable promotional stickers. You can use them inside your company's premises, offices, or production areas, or during your next trade show to indicate the area reserved for your booth.

Customizable floor stickers are made of PVC, a material designed to ensure long-lasting durability even in stressful situations, and they have a non-slip surface film. Your customers or collaborators can safely walk over your messages without the risk of slipping or compromising their appearance. Moreover, they are water and cleaning product-resistant. Once they are in place, you can have your messages "at your feet," and you won't have to worry about their durability because walkable stickers are precisely designed for this purpose.

At Pixartprinting, the keyword is "customization": on our website, you can shape the custom floor stickers you need, printing your images in high quality. The configuration process on the page is simple and fast. In just a few clicks, you can select the options that suit your needs and conveniently place your order to receive your new floor stickers directly at your office.

Walkable Floor Stickers: Floor Signage and Event Promotion

Where can you use your walkable floor stickers? The possibilities are many. From large companies or private clinics, where you can mark various departments with eye-catching directions, to large shopping malls, train stations, or airports, where you can indicate ticketing areas, departures, or arrivals. Floor stickers are also perfect for events or exhibitions to guide visitors during their visit. Outdoors, they have a more limited lifespan but still remain resistant. They are used, for example, for widespread events around the city, where being able to move quickly from one point to another is helpful.

What Advantages Do Floor Stickers Offer?

Floor stickers are an original solution and offer many advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Non-slip Properties: They will not compromise the safety of your spaces. On the contrary, they will contribute to improving it.
  2. Significant Space Savings: Floors are often overlooked as a means of conveying promotional messages, but, in reality, they represent an original and effective solution for saving space and capturing the attention of passersby. Try walkable stickers at your next event and notice the difference!
  3. Customization: You will have custom-made products that perfectly align with your corporate image.
  4. High Definition Printing: Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and careful material selection, we can offer you high-definition prints with faithful details and always brilliant colors.

Customization of Floor Stickers: Create the Perfect Product for You!

On the page, you have the option to select the configuration options that suit your needs for creating your ideal product:

  1. Cutting Method: You can order square or shaped stickers. Choose the "Shaping" option to align the print's edges with those of your custom graphics.
  2. Dimensions: Enter the size of your product, remembering that the minimum printable surface measures 15x15 cm.

The stickers are made of Safeway, a material obtained by combining adhesive PVC and a protective vinyl film with non-slip properties. It offers great resistance to stress situations such as rubbing and contact with liquids.

Once the configuration is complete, you can view the free quote on the page and place your order with just one click. You will receive your new floor stickers directly at your office with punctual shipping. Our Customer Support services will be ready to provide support at any time, from customization to post-purchase assistance.

Our Ideas for Customized Signage

On our website, you can find our ideas for creating personalized signage. In addition to walkable floor stickers, we also offer our useful signs, printed in high definition: Foamex panels and acrylic signs to provide all essential information to those who visit your spaces.

Pixartprinting Products for Your Upcoming Events

Are you organizing your next trade show booth? In our extensive online catalog, you can find many solutions for setting up an exhibition space: custom floor stickers, displays, promotional items, and customizable clothing items.

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