Self-Adhesive Vinyl for Floors

Self-adhesive vinyl for floors is the ideal solution for creating signage for your business, for use at a trade fair, or for museums, offices and shops. The Safeway material is resistant to water and cleaning products, so it does not become slippery when wet.

  • Anti-slip
  • Square-cut or cut to shape

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Get Your Message Across with Vinyl Floor Stickers

Effective Guidance for Your Event or Shop

Are you in need of a safe and effective way to direct traffic at your event or provide clear social distancing guidance in your shop or office? Look no further than vinyl floor stickers. These non-slip stickers made from vinyl can be used on floors and flat surfaces to display your message. They are ideal for use in large spaces like shopping centers, stations, and events to show visitors the way to go.

Customizing your floor stickers is easy with Pixartprinting. Choose your graphics, size, and shape to make your message stand out. You can have your stickers square-cut or cut to a custom shape. Our products are affordable, high-quality, and can be delivered quickly, so place your order today.

Customizable Floor Stickers

Pixartprinting offers a lot of customization options to make sure our products fit your needs. Besides graphics and messaging, you can also customize the size and cut of your vinyl floor stickers:

  • Size: Choose the preferred width and height. The maximum printable width is 130 cm, and larger widths will be printed in panels placed side by side, with a 1.5 cm overlap.
  • Cut: Choose whether you want your vinyl floor stickers square-cut or cut to a custom shape.

Non-Slip and Durable

Our vinyl floor stickers are made from Safeway, a white, monomeric, self-adhesive vinyl covered with an embossed, non-slip film. The vinyl surface grips to the sole of your shoe, preventing slipping even in wet conditions. Our stickers are also resistant to specific cleaning products, so your message will not fade. The floor stickers are highly adhesive, making them suitable for any surface, including glass and PVC.

Many Uses for Floor Stickers

Vinyl floor stickers can be used in all sorts of situations, particularly to encourage social distancing. They are perfect for indicating where customers should stand in shops, cafes, and queues, as well as directing visitors in large buildings like stations, shopping centers, exhibition centers, and museums.

Order Your Vinyl Floor Stickers from Pixartprinting

Placing an order for custom vinyl floor stickers with Pixartprinting is simple. Choose your preferred customization options and quantity, and select the delivery date that works best for you. We even offer discounted rates for later delivery dates. Download the template and instructions to help with setting up your print file. The artwork will be checked before printing, and you can opt for professional file check for extra reassurance. Then, send us your artwork and wait for your order to be delivered on schedule to your home or workplace.