Window Clings

If you like constantly tinkering with your communication materials, our window clings are for you. The various materials available allow you to quickly move your stickers however and whenever you want, without leaving any marks on the surface. Decorate shop or restaurant windows, and change the artwork or message to suit the season and advertise any special offers.

  • 3 materials
  • Square-cut or cut to shape

Window Clings – custom printed by Pixartprinting

Window Clings – Personalised print

Custom window clings are an environmentally friendly and hassle-free way to decorate your shop windows and advertise seasonal promotions. As they do not use adhesive, they stick electrostatically to glass or smooth surfaces, meaning that there is no residue left behind when they are removed. Self cling window stickers are therefore ideal if you like to regularly switch up the décor in your shop, café or business, as they can be easily removed, repositioned and reapplied. 

Customise them with your graphics and choose the size, shape and material. All the materials are PVC-free and 100% recyclable.

Branded window clings – Customisation

With Pixartprinting, you can customise your window cling film in several different ways. As well as adding your own graphics to the window clings, you can also personalise the following:

  • Material: 3 different materials available, all of which are PVC-free and 100% recyclable. Transparent Refix electrostatic film (an ultra-clear polyethylene film), Transparent Refix Electrostatic Film – Mirrored (an ultra-clear film with a mirrored print to be applied to the inside of the glass and viewed from the outside), and White Refix Electrostatic Film (a white polyethylene film)
  • Cut: you can choose rectangular or untrimmed options, or your own custom shape
  • Dimensions: enter your preferred width and height in the corresponding boxes. The maximum printable width is 133 cm, so if you need your self cling window stickers to be wider than this, they will be printed in panels – various pieces of film positioned side by side.
  • Graphics: upload your artwork and print your own design on the window cling film

Printing window clings with Pixartprinting

Follow our simple step-by-step order form to print your own branded window clings. Configure your window cling film in step 1, and your free online quote will be displayed in step 2. We offer a range of delivery dates at varying prices so you can save money if you’re not in a hurry. You can also add a professional file check in step 2, which means that our graphic designers will perform an enhanced check on your artwork before printing. However, a standard check is included free of charge.

In step 3, you can download the Template and Instructions, which will help you to set up print-ready files and ensure that you get the results you expect. If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of the custom window clings, our Customer Support team will be happy to help.

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