Hardback book

Our tough, durable and distinguished hardback books are the ideal solution whatever it is you're producing: from product catalogues and prestigious publications to collections of photos, novels and theses or dissertations. Choose gloss or matt lamination, or add a tactile effect with soft-touch lamination.

  • Lamination available

Discover the Elegance of Hardcover Books

If you are looking for an elegant and professional way to present your publishing project or product catalog, you should consider hardcover books. At Pixartprinting, creating your own custom hardcover books is easy and quick. You can choose your preferred configuration options, upload your file, and place your order, and our fast and reliable delivery service will send your new books directly to your home or office.

Enjoy high-quality printing at affordable prices! Our team uses the best technology and carefully selects every material to make your new hardcover books stand out.

What Are Hardcover Books?

Unlike softback covers, the hardback cover is made of a resistant 2mm cardboard that protects the pages from damages such as tears or cuts. The hardback cover cannot be folded and provides a more elegant look. The pages are bound and glued to the cover, creating a strong and durable book that will stand the test of time. Hardcover book binding is the best solution for high-quality publishing products intended to amaze readers and last for a long time.

Print Your Own Hardcover Books

With Pixartprinting, you can easily print your own hardcover books. Configure your product on this page, download the instructions from our graphic designers, and set up your print file correctly. You can then view an online quote generated in real-time based on your selections. And if you have any questions or special requests, our Customer Support services are always ready to assist you.

Other Solutions for Your Publishing Projects

Explore our extensive online catalog to find different solutions for your publishing projects. From paperback books to catalogs, brochures, magazines, presentations, dissertations, and more. Pixartprinting offers high-quality printing at affordable prices to bring your ideas to life. Discover all the types of binding available, including stapled binding, wire-o binding, perfect binding, and sewn binding, and choose the best option for your project. Start creating your project now!

Benefits of Hardcover Books

Hardcover books offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for many publishing projects. Here are some of the advantages of using hardcover books:

  • Durability: Hardcover books are more durable and long-lasting compared to softcover books. They can withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for books that will be read multiple times.
  • Elegance: Hardcover books have a more elegant and professional look that can make your publishing project stand out. They are perfect for high-quality products that require a sophisticated presentation.
  • Protection: The hardcover protects the pages from damage, such as tearing or bending. This ensures that your book stays in good condition, even with frequent use.
  • Prestige: Hardcover books are often associated with high-end products and can add a sense of prestige and value to your publishing project.

Customizing Your Hardcover Books

With Pixartprinting, you can customize your hardcover books to suit your specific needs. Here are some of the options available:

  • Size: Choose from a range of sizes to create a book that is the perfect fit for your project.
  • Binding: Select from a range of binding options, including sewn binding, perfect binding, and more.
  • Cover Material: Choose from a range of cover materials, including cloth, leatherette, and linen, to create a unique look and feel for your book.
  • Printing Options: Our high-quality printing options allow you to add text, images, and graphics to your book, making it visually appealing and engaging.

Ordering Your Hardcover Books

Ordering your hardcover books from Pixartprinting is simple and convenient. Here's how:

  1. Visit our website and select the hardcover book option.
  2. Choose your preferred options, including size, binding, and cover material.
  3. Upload your file and preview your book to ensure it meets your specifications.
  4. Place your order and wait for our fast and reliable delivery service to send your new books directly to your doorstep.

Hardcover books are a popular choice for high-quality publishing products that require durability, elegance, and protection. With Pixartprinting, you can easily create your own custom hardcover books that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Order your hardcover books today and enjoy high-quality printing at affordable prices!