From classic ballpoint pens to premium customisable Waterman and Parker models, choose the best style for your brand from a wide range of options.

Customized Pens with Your Logo

Are you looking to print customized pens with your company or association's logo? Are you searching for a useful and affordable gadget for your next event? With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to create customized pens that perfectly align with your corporate image. We offer a wide range of models from top brands (Bic®, Parker®, Waterman®), all customizable.

Choose your preferred pen model, select the customization options within the product page, and download the useful Template with the Instructions for correctly setting up your graphic file. Once you've placed your order, upload the file. You'll receive your new customized pens directly to your office (or home) through fast and punctual Shipping.

There is no better gift than a useful and necessary tool. Your clients, employees, and business partners will have your brand-new gadget pens at their fingertips, ready to sign documents, take notes, and mark appointments in their agendas. All with your logo prominently displayed!

Printing Customized Plastic Pens

Looking for efficiency combined with affordable prices? Customized plastic pens will provide you with a reliable gadget without significant investments. Plastic is the ideal choice for large print runs.

  1. Customized Bic® pens: You have a wide range of options for both ink (available in black and blue) and product colors (12 options). You can personalize an area on the pen barrel (40x20 mm) with 1- or 2-color screen printing, or a portion of the cap (39.9x9 mm) with 1-color screen printing.
  2. Customized 4-color Bic® pens: Available in 3 colors, these pens allow you to have black, blue, red, and green inks simultaneously. You can apply your logo to the pen barrel (43x30 mm) with 1- or 2-color screen printing.
  3. Customized Nash pens: You can choose from 10 pre-defined colors for this product with black ink. Personalize the pen barrel with 1- or 2-color pad printing (60x6 mm) or full-color digital printing (60x8 mm).
  4. Customized London pens: You have 4 different customization options. For the pen barrel, you can choose from 1- or 2-color pad printing (60x7 mm) or full-color digital printing (60x5 mm). The same printing options apply to the cap, with dimensions of 20x6 mm and 20x4 mm, respectively. The ink is black, and there are 6 color choices.
  5. Customized York pens: Once again, you can apply your logo in 4 different ways. Both 1- and 2-color pad printing, as well as full-color digital printing, offer an area of 60x5 mm for the barrel and an area of 30x5 mm for the top of the product. There are a total of 5 colors available for this pen with black ink.
  6. Customized Parker® pens: These pens write with black ink, have steel finishes, and are available in 4 different colors. You have 3 different printing and customization methods. With 1- or 2-color pad printing, you can imprint your logo on the top of the product (30x6 mm) and the barrel (45x6 mm). For the top of the product, you can also use laser engraving with the same area. Finally, with 1- or 2-color screen printing, you can personalize the box (60x40 mm) containing the pen.

Customized Aluminum Ballpoint Pens

Now let's talk about the 3 aluminum gadget pens that offer the best value for money among our options.

  • Bling Pen: Writes with black ink, comes in 13 colors, and is also made of ABS plastic. You can personalize the pen barrel with 1- or 2-color pad printing on an area of 55x7 mm.
  • Cork Pen: You can imprint your logo on the pen barrel (70x5 mm) with laser engraving. It has black ink and is available in 8 different colors.
  • Hawk Pen: Available in 6 different colors, this pen writes with black ink. You can personalize the pen barrel in two different ways: with 1- or 2-color pad printing (70x5 mm) or with laser engraving (80x5 mm).

Customized Metal Pens

Finally, let us present the last 3 customized metal or steel pens. If you want to offer a high-quality and durable gift, these products are ideal for you.

  • Jotter Bond Street Parker® Pen: Made of metal, writes with blue ink, and is available in black. For customization, you have several options. You can print your brand on the top of the pen with 1- or 2-color pad printing or laser engraving on an area of 30x6 mm. The same two printing methods also apply to the pen barrel, this time with a customizable area of 45x6 mm.
  • Hemisphere Waterman® Pen: There are 6 possible customizations for this steel pen, available in 2 colors with blue ink. You can place your logo on a portion of the pen barrel (45x5 mm) with 1- or 2-color pad printing and laser engraving. The same printing techniques apply to the top of the pen, with an area of 35x5 mm. With laser engraving, you can also personalize the top of the cap (5x5 mm). Finally, you can brand the box containing the product on an area of 120x15 mm using 1- or 2-color screen printing.
  • Waterman® Graduate Pen: Made of steel, writes in blue, and is available in silver. With laser engraving, you can personalize the top of the pen (40x6 mm), the barrel (45x6 mm), or the top of the cap (3x3 mm).

Affordable yet Reliable Customized Pens

Are you looking for a low-cost solution that can still impress your clients or collaborators? Within our catalog, you can find affordable customized pens that are reliable. Undoubtedly, your clients and partners will appreciate their usefulness every day. For example, Bic® ballpoint pens represent an excellent solution: they have a lower unit cost while boasting the great tradition of a leading brand in the industry.

Personalizing Your New Advertising Pens

Not familiar with graphic design? Have doubts about setting up your file? Don't worry. We recommend downloading the Template and Instructions from the product page after selecting your preferred configuration options. They will guide you through the file setup process, which you can complete in just a few clicks. In any case, remember that you can always rely on our Assistance services. An expert will be ready to provide you with the support you need at any stage of your purchasing process.

Print your new customized advertising pens with Pixartprinting and share a useful gadget with your clients and collaborators every day!

Customized Pens in Small Quantities

With Pixartprinting, you have the option to order customized pens with a logo even in small quantities. For example, you can order 50 promotional pens to share with your colleagues or to give away during a trade fair or event. Without significant investments, you will be able to promote your brand.

The minimum order quantity depends on the chosen pen model.

How Much Does It Cost to Print Customized Pens?

You don't need substantial investments to print customized pens. The price depends on the chosen pen model, selected configuration options, and the number of units. The unit price is lower for larger quantities. Within the product page, thanks to the free quote, you can instantly know the final price of your promotional pens.

The Advantages of Customized Pens

Why print customized pens? You can use them as useful gadgets to distribute to clients and collaborators during your events. You can also use them daily in the office to always have a tool that perfectly aligns with your corporate image. Placed on desks or included in welcome kits, pens with your logo will help improve the visibility of your brand and promote your business.