Magnets comprising a magnetic sheet, a central metal core and a digitally printed, laminated paper surface. The full non-magnetic surface can be printed, with two different sizes available.

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Customisable magnets featuring your logo are the perfect gift

They are lightweight and practical with your logo printed on top. Custom magnets are a discreet and popular promotional item that your customers, employees and business partners can use to decorate any metal surfaces indoors.

Our custom magnets online consist of:

  • A magnetic sheet
  • A central metal core
  • A digitally printed laminated paper surface

Print magnets customised with your photos, images, messages and more

You can print your logo, image or message on the entire non-magnetic surface of the custom magnets with four-colour digital printing.

For magnets featuring personalised photos or images, you can choose from two different formats: square (65x65 mm) or rectangular (90x65 mm).

When to use custom magnets

Custom magnets online are the ideal promotional item to hand out at trade fairs and events. As they are small and light, you can take a large number with you and distribute them to all your customers and business partners.

If you have a shop selling electronics or domestic appliances, you can decorate your products with magnets customised with your logo, a particular image or a promotional offer.

Finally, you can use custom magnets to print company photos and hand them out to your employees as a memento on important occasions (such as your company anniversary or holidays).

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