Badges made of digitally-printed paper with a protective PVC film on a metal base. The full surface can be printed, with three different sizes available.

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Print Custom Bagdes Online with Your Logo

If you're looking for a simple product that is always visible to everyone, custom badges with your logo are the best choice for you. With this item, you can showcase your message or image on various surfaces: from banners to clothing, you can apply as many custom pins as you want.

Regarding the materials, online promotional badges are composed as follows:

  • A tin base, complete with a safety pin back, which supports the structure of the custom pins online.
  • A paper support on which your personalization is digitally printed.
  • A protective PVC film that makes your custom pins online scratch-resistant and UV-resistant.

Round Custom Badges Suitable for You

Thanks to digital four-color printing, you can print your logo, message, or image on your custom badges online using any desired color and in high definition.

As for the sizes, online custom pins are available in 3 different dimensions:

  1. 25x25 mm.
  2. 31x31 mm.
  3. 37x37 mm.

When to Print Custom Badges Online?

Custom badges can be applied to many types of materials. For example, you can give badges to your employees so they can wear them on their clothes during company parties. Alternatively, you can use them instead of name tags during festivals and presentations, having them pinned on the audience members who leave for a few minutes. Furthermore, they are the right tool to distribute to supporters during an election campaign.

In general, printing a large quantity of promotional badges and bringing them with you to fairs and events can help. This way, anyone who visits your booth will have a gadget to carry with them, making it easier for them to remember you.

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