California sunglasses

California sunglasses. Comfortable everyday sunglasses with coloured polycarbonate frame and trendy mirror finish acrylic lenses. Classified category 3 the California sunglasses provide high sun glare reduction and UV 400 protection. EN ISO 12312-1 complaint.

  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 38 g

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Your brand in the sun

During the summer, it's very important to protect your eyes properly. Our category three California sunglasses comply with EN ISO 12312-1 standards and so are perfect for protecting your eyes from bright sunshine, making a genuinely useful free gift for your customers, employees and business partners. You can customise them with your logo or message, meaning your brand will always be on display.

When should I use them?

Because they're worn outdoors, sunglasses are the perfect free gift for any type of open-air event. You could, for example, hand them out at the sporting events you sponsor, especially in the summer period (such as beach volleyball tournaments), or at the launch of products used during the warmest months of the year (such as sun cream).

Sunglasses printed with your brand

There are six different colours available for this lightweight (30 g) and compact (18 x 19 x 8 cm) product: apple green, black, royal blue, red, white and orange. You can print your custom design on either the left or right arm of the frame, within an area measuring 60 x 7 mm. One- or two-colour pad printing is used for this process. If you don't have your own personal hue you would like to use, there are 12 predefined colours to choose from for the first colour and 11 preset choices for the (optional) second colour.

Perfect products for summer

In addition to these sunglasses, our Memphis cap is another great sun protection product. For trips to the sea or the mountains, meanwhile, there is the Kumla lunch cooler bag: a gift for customers, employees and business partners that you can decorate with your brand.