Office and Stationery

Promotional stationery, ideal for note-taking and business meetings. Pens, notebooks, pencils and much more for taking your brand to your customers.

Custom Stationery Items

Do you want to bring your brand to your clients' offices? You don't need to go in person; Pixartprinting offers you a wide range of custom stationery items that can do it for you. The category of personalized office and stationery items offers numerous everyday items that we all use during a typical workday, from the moment we clock in until the meeting where we take notes or sketch designs for a new project.

Among the various promotional items that you can personalize, you will find:

  • Notebooks: three different notebook models, one in A6 size, and two models in A5 size, with or without a closure elastic. They have covers in various colors and ruled pages, with customizable covers in two different areas of your choice. Ideal for jotting down ideas, notes, or calculations.
  • Ballpoint Pens: to cater to various needs and preferences, you will have at your disposal 5 different models of personalized pens, in plastic or aluminum, each with unique features. The printing area varies depending on the model and printing method.
  • Pencils: two models of personalized pencils are available, one with a wooden barrel and colored eraser, or a model with a colored barrel and white eraser. Pencils can be customized with up to two-color pad printing. This is the ultimate promotional item to give away at trade fairs and offer to your clients in-store or at an event so they remember you even during their daily routines.
  • Badge Holders: available in two different models, one with a detachable buckle and one without. Both are equipped with a safety hook to avoid the risk of choking. Made of polyester, the custom lanyards or badge holders come in various base colors and can be personalized with up to two-color screen printing. Ideal for attaching keys or identification badges used in numerous companies.
  • Business Card Holders: these are metal cases that can be customized with two different printing methods, pad printing, and laser engraving that involves an upper area, up to a maximum of two colors.

Office Gadgets and Events: Why Choose Them

Customized stationery items can also be ordered in low quantities, and the minimum number varies depending on the product. With all these promotional items, you can leave a lasting impression on your clients, accompanying them throughout their workdays. During training courses, workshops, and meetings with colleagues, your logo will always be in front of everyone's eyes.