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Registration and your account

Yes – you'll need to register if you want to use our services. Click here and enter the information requested. You'll receive a confirmation email, and will be able to access the My Account area to view your purchases and invoices, track your orders and more.
You can create three types of account: 

1) a business account – if you have an intra-community VAT number, your purchases will be exempt from VAT.  If, however, your VAT number is invalid at an intra-community level, you will be charged Italian VAT at 22%; 

2) a sole trader/freelance account: if you have an intra-community VAT number, your purchases will be exempt from VAT. If, however, your VAT number is invalid at an intra-community level, you will be charged Italian VAT at 22%. If you do not hold a VAT number you will have to register as a Private.

3) a personal account, in which case you will be charged VAT.
You can modify your profile directly from the My Account area of the website: simply log in and go to the Modify your Profile section. Please note that you cannot alter your business name, VAT number or tax code. If you have any issues or require clarification, do not hesitate to contact us at support@pixartprinting.com.

Your order

Yes, but only if the order has not been processed yet. If you need to change the specification of the product you have ordered, please contact our Customer Support team at support@pixartprinting.com to ascertain whether the alteration can be made. If, however, you want to cancel your order, you can do so through the My Account area – click 'Cancel' in the My Orders section, marked by a dustbin icon. 
Remember you can only cancel your order if you have not yet paid or uploaded the file. You can check the order status in the My Account area, or contact Customer Support for further information.  If, however, you have already paid by bank transfer, you must send a cancellation request by email to support@pixartprinting.com. We will, of course, refund you, using the same method you used for payment (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc): you will find your credit invoice in the My Account area.
Unfortunately, once a file has entered the production process it is no longer possible to alter the order to bring forward or postpone your chosen delivery date. Our manufacturing system does not allow us to change the priority given to an order, and therefore the timescale in which it is processed. For further information, write to us at support@pixartprinting.com.
Our delivery dates and the corresponding costs are updated daily at 6 pm (CET). Please note that 24-hour delivery can only be selected before 10 am (CET), and that an order only counts as being placed once the system has generated the relevant ID code (order number).
We don't provide printing proofs, but every product has a minimum quantity which can be chosen when ordering, allowing you to order a reduced number of copies. For further information, write to us at support@pixartprinting.com.
Once you have completed your purchase and filled in the information for your chosen product, you will be asked to upload the file for that item. You can also upload the file later through the Upload Area. Remember that the maximum size limit for each file is 1500 MB.
No, unfortunately not. We recommend you save them in case you need to print more copies of the same project.
At www.pixartprinting.com you can receive a quote in real time and choose delivery times that suit your needs. We recommend you log in to ensure you are given the correct prices. Requesting a quote does not imply any obligation to buy. Please note that the quote refers to the cost of a single print job.
Placing an order is easy, and only involves a few steps: 

1) Log in by clicking on 'Login' at the top right of the website and entering the Username and Password you chose when registering. 

2) Select your product and choose the features you want from the order form, then add it to your basket (remember that if you require multiple items with the same characteristics but different designs, you will have to create multiple print jobs, as the order form must be filled in for each individual graphics file). 

3) Check the summary of your chosen product in your Basket, and choose your delivery address and payment method from the drop-down menu. 

4) Click 'Purchase'. You will be assigned an order number, allowing you to proceed with payment and upload your print file. Please note that you will have to accept the terms and conditions before completing your order. For every completed order you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of the items selected.
We have created sample packs for most of our products, allowing you to see what each material looks and feels like. You can order them from our website like you would any other product: have a look here and discover the different selections of materials we have available.
We believe it is important to respect the delivery dates we have promised, but for that we need your help! Don't forget that the delivery dates only apply if the payment is made and the file is uploaded within the time limits given and if the file you have sent us is ready for printing: any compliance issues could cause the delivery date requested when purchasing to be postponed. If the order contains multiple print jobs with the same selected delivery date, all items will be delayed by the same amount even if only one file is re-uploaded after the final deadline. Please note that if you pay by bank transfer the delivery timescale will begin from the moment the payment clears, usually 2/3 working days after payment is made, and so the delivery will be delayed by this amount of time.

Shipping and delivery

You can choose your delivery date from a range of options when ordering. The timescale for delivering the goods depends on the date selected when ordering and any subsequent changes you make. You can track the status of your order at any time in the My Orders section of the My Account area.
Of course!  When ordering you will be asked to enter the delivery address for the goods; please note, however, that we can only deliver within the country of your billing address.
Not always, but we will do our best. Please send an email to support@pixartprinting.com and we will check whether the delivery address can still be changed.
Unfortunately we do not allow customers to collect their goods from the courier's offices. Please provide a valid address to which the goods can be delivered during the delivery times.
Unfortunately, due to the numerous limitations in terms of weight, volume and timescale, which vary from courier to courier, we can't assign a specific courier to your shipment.
We can't handle multiple delivery addresses for a single order, but if you need to ship the goods to more than one address, you can place multiple orders, giving each one a different delivery address.
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