Custom Tags

Design your own custom cut shape and print bespoke tags for your projects. Choose the type and weight of paper and optional hang hole and attach them to bags, gifts, food or cosmetics. Give your products a voice by choosing tags with a unique shape.

  • Optional hang hole
  • Lamination available

Personalised Cardboard Tags

If you want to label jars, bottles, clothes, or other products, you can use cardboard tags. Thanks to the printed tags, you have the opportunity to showcase the characteristics of your items, the composition of your clothing, or the ingredients of your food products. You can shape unique and detailed packaging to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Whether you produce accessories, clothes, cosmetics, sauces, or jams, cardboard tags are a simple and effective tool to highlight your product.

Print Custom Cardboard Tags

Pixartprinting offers you 3 different formats of cardboard tags, with or without holes: circular, square, or rectangular. If these formats are not what you need, you also have the option to select custom format and die-cut. This way, you will have complete freedom to print paper tags with the shape and dimensions that best suit your needs and your product.

Once you have chosen the format of your cardboard tags, you can also choose the most suitable material for you. You will find 9 different types of paper, both classic and special, which can be optionally protected with a matte or soft touch lamination. Additionally, your custom tags can also be equipped with a hole.

Hole Tags: Types of Paper

For printing your personalised tags, you can choose from 9 different types of paper:

  • Matte Coated Paper - Classic Demimatt: wood-free, durable, and suitable for clear and quality images.
  • Glossy Coated Paper - Classic Gloss: highly glossy paper that allows for bright and realistic colors.
  • Thick Paper: 400g cardboard with a coated surface on both sides. It is rigid yet elastic, preventing unpleasant folds or breaks.
  • Extraprint: premium quality paper characterized by high whiteness.
  • Rembrandt: laid paper on both sides (the surface is crossed by thin lines), suitable for elegant and prestigious prints.
  • Turner: felt-marked paper on both sides, providing a unique "orange peel" effect.
  • Underwood: paper with a surface marked by irregularities like dots and fibers, giving it a craft-like effect.
  • Ice White: embossed paper on both sides with a high degree of whiteness.
  • Recycled Paper: paper made from 100% recycled vegetable fibers.

Order Cardboard Tags Online

Once you have selected all the customization options for printing your personalised tags, all you have to do is choose a delivery date, proceed with your order, and upload your graphic file. To create a correct print file, we recommend downloading the Template and Instructions from this page. Remember that, in case of doubts or special requests, our Customer Support service will be ready to provide you with the necessary assistance.

If you do not have a graphic file ready for printing, you can rely on two other convenient solutions: Designer, our free online editor, and the new Design service. The latter will allow you to receive support from a professional graphic designer who can either modify an existing graphic or create a new proposal based on your instructions.

Cardboard Tags for Clothing

Do you own a clothing store? Do you manage a company that produces clothing and want to promote it in an original way? Cardboard tags are ideal for providing customers with all the necessary product information and making it more appealing!

For example, with recycled paper tags, you can emphasize the sustainability of your clothing. The Underwood paper, on the other hand, allows you to enhance the craftsmanship of the product, while the Thick Paper will give you rigid and resistant paper tags. Discover all the available materials!

Cardboard Tags for Gifts

Do you want to print personalized cardboard tags to give shape to unique gift packages? Do you want to surprise your loved ones with original gift tags? Choose the format, dimensions, type of paper, and lamination for your tags, and have them delivered directly to your home! With Pixartprinting, you can select the number of units you want. Moreover, with Designer, you can create the graphics for your new cardboard tags directly on our website, using a free and easy-to-use editor.

Hole Tags and Much More for Your Products!

In addition to personalized cardboard tags, the Pixartprinting catalog offers many other tools to personalize your products. We offer numerous Packaging items, for example, to decorate with your new paper tags. You can also use Adhesive Labels on Rolls and Personalized Adhesive Labels to decorate your packages.

Discover all our proposals and don't put any limits on your creativity!