Self-Adhesive Vinyl Colour Guide

Our color guide features the main colour combinations for printing directly onto a vast range of media. Choose the material you need from our selection of adhesive PVC. The guide is printed onto a 100 x 70 cm sample and is an essential reference for getting the print results you want.

Get it right first time

If you would like added peace of mind that your prints will be a success, our adhesive PVC colour guide will give you just that. It includes the main colour combinations printed directly on this type of material, so that you can be confident you won't make a mistake. You can order your 100x70 cm colour guide with or without the Pixartprinting logo, depending on your requirements.

Available materials

The colour guide is available in 11 different materials, divided into three groups.

  1. Adhesive vinyl: this is the biggest group with seven types available. There are three types of monomeric adhesive vinyl: matt, gloss and matt with grey back. The first two are particularly suitable for application on flat surfaces. This is also the case with the transparent adhesive vinyl, the cast gloss with grey back and the adhesive vinyl for backlighting. Alternatively, if you are working with slightly uneven surfaces, windows or metal structures, choose the polymeric gloss adhesive vinyl with grey back.
  2. Easy Wall: two different types of this adhesive are available. The first is Easy Wall for walls, which is also suitable for use on uneven surfaces. The second is transparent, can be repositioned and cannot be printed in white; it can be used on both walls and glass.
  3. Refix electrostatic: a PVC film treated to adhere electrostatically to smooth surfaces such as metal, glass and windows. It is available in white or transparent.

When should I use them?

When you request the guide, you will be able to see the exact colour quality on your chosen material, giving you peace of mind when you place orders in the future.

Get the right combinations with the colour guide

You can find colour guides for other types of materials on our website; take a look at our sample packs.