Indoor Posters

Posters are the perfect way to give your events and products widespread visibility. Stick them on the walls of shops and cafes or any other flat surface to advertise a film or concert, the launch of a new service, or a new store opening. Ensure your message gets across with posters in a range of sizes and different paper types.

Print Personalized Advertising Posters Online

The advertising poster is a timeless communication tool. Excellent visibility and affordable costs have always made it one of the preferred solutions for promoting events, products, and special offers. The excellent quality in advertising poster printing guaranteed by Pixartprinting ensures the best support for your creativity and the effectiveness of your message.

Give your ideas the visibility they deserve! Take advantage of the best technologies we offer for printing your promotional products.

Choose the Format of the Advertising Poster and Customize It as You Wish

Inside our website, you can customize your posters according to your preferences and needs. First, select the format that suits your case among the available ones:

  • A4 Posters - 21 x 29.7 cm
  • A3 Posters - 29.7 x 42 cm
  • A2 Posters - 42 x 59.4 cm
  • ½ A3 Posters - 14.8 x 42 cm
  • ½ A2 Posters - 21 x 59.4 cm
  • 70 x 100 cm Posters

Alternatively, you have the option to choose the dimensions of the poster that you prefer by entering the perfect width and height measurements for you.

Choose the orientation (vertical or horizontal) and the printing mode that best suits your needs:

  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided, same design
  • Double-sided, different designs

Furthermore, you can indicate the type of Paper (classic or deluxe) and the weight (170 gsm, 300 gsm, 130 gsm, 250 gsm). Thanks to the option of glossy lamination, your prints will gain greater resistance and durability over time.

Choose the Ideal Paper Type and Print Your Posters Online

On the product page, you have the possibility to choose the material you prefer for your advertising posters. We offer you as many as 11 different Paper types:

  1. Classic Gloss - Glossy Coated: Paper with a glossy surface, capable of enhancing the colors and details of images.
  2. Classic Demimatt - Matte Coated: Durable and high-quality paper, perfect for delivering brilliant and high-definition prints.
  3. Classic Uncoated - Uncoated: White natural paper, 90 gsm, simple but always reliable. Perfect for letterheads or pages of books or catalogs.
  4. Mohawk Superfine Felt Soft White: Felt-marked paper on both sides, ivory-colored, capable of providing a pleasant effect to the view and touch. An ideal solution for printing important documents, certificates, deluxe catalogs, invitations, etc.
  5. Pearl Paper: Paper characterized by a satin surface, which can enhance the colors and details of photographic images. A choice of elegance and sophistication.
  6. Extraprint - Splendorgel Extra White: Paper with a smooth and velvety surface, pleasing to the eye and touch.
  7. Rembrandt - Acquerello Stucco: Laid paper on both sides (with surface crossed by very thin raised lines).
  8. Underwood - Woodstock Birch: Ivory-colored paper with a surface crossed by chromatic irregularities, such as dots and straw. Recommended for creations related to concepts such as craftsmanship, tradition, vintage, etc.
  9. Turner - Tintoretto Gesso: Felt-marked paper on both sides, which gives a "orange peel" effect. A particular and elegant support, with timeless charm.
  10. Ice White - Constellation Snow Embossed: Embossed paper on both sides, with high white point. Suitable for many different contexts of use.
  11. Recycled Paper: Produced using exclusively recycled fibers, but still represents a high-quality and trendy solution.

Order Online and Receive Your Personalized Posters

Ordering personalized posters on our website is really simple. You can do it in just a few clicks, to take advantage of the excellent price-quality ratio and fast and punctual deliveries. You will receive the product directly at your home or office, without having to take away precious time from your daily work activities.

Select the best customization options for your advertising poster and upload the file containing your ad hoc graphics. We will take care of the rest. Through the free quote, you will have a clear idea of the price, depending on the different options you choose.

Remember that the minimum quantity for ordering is only 50 pieces. For this reason, our printing service is ideal for both large companies and private initiatives.

Create the Graphics for Your Posters Easily

We can accompany you throughout the entire ordering process, from the moment of creating your graphics to the printing of your new personalized posters. For the design of your graphics, you can choose between 3 different solutions, depending on your specific needs:

  • Templates and Instructions: Do you have the knowledge to set up your graphic file on your own? We recommend that you download the Template with Instructions from this page, provided by our graphic designers, to correctly set up your file. You will be sure to get a result that meets your expectations, that is, posters printed in high quality with a professional appearance.
  • Designer: If you want to create your graphics easily and quickly, we recommend using our new online editor. With Designer, you can shape your project for free, directly on our website, and you can immediately send your new posters for printing.
  • Design Services: Do you need professional support for creating the graphics for your new posters? You can rely on our professional graphic designers, who will be able to edit your file or shape new proposals based on your instructions.

Some Tips for Printing Your Posters

Are you creating the graphics for your new personalized posters? We want to give you some advice to help you print an effective poster.

  1. Use the Entire Surface of the Poster: The poster is a promotional tool that offers plenty of space for your message. Make use of the entire surface to include all the essential information for your target audience, ensuring clarity and readability. You can achieve completeness even with just a few elements, arranged neatly.
  2. Choose an Impactful Image: The image often takes center stage on a poster and represents the visual element capable of making a difference. Choose an effective image, considering the interests of your target audience.
  3. Organize the Information: Images, texts, shapes, logos inside a poster must have a precise hierarchical order. Remember that through the poster, you are conveying a message: identify the key points that the reader should remember and give them the right importance.
  4. Include Logos: Are you organizing an event? Remember that logos and the names of organizers can make a difference, as they can lend credibility to the content of the poster.
  5. Choose a Clear Font: Clarity and readability will be your precious allies in creating an effective poster. Remember that the reader will spend only a few seconds of their time reading, and they must be enough to remember the key points of your message.

Posters, Flyers, and Large Billboards

Within our extensive online catalog, you can find many products for your outdoor promotion. In addition to advertising posters, we also recommend classic outdoor posters and custom posters. Both offer more space for your graphics compared to a poster. If, on the other hand, you love to do things in a big way, you can choose large billboards.

Are You a New Customer? Get 50 Free Posters!

For all our customers, we have a truly special offer. We love introducing ourselves by offering the opportunity to test our products and printing services. For this reason, you can now order 50 free posters in A3 format. We are confident in the quality of our products and want to allow you to choose with total confidence.

Order your personalized free posters and give new shape to your communication!

Posters and Other Products for Your Communication

Posters and billboards are perfect for attracting the attention of passersby in busy and crowded places. However, you can also use other tools together with them to promote in a more dynamic way. Take a look at our customizable flyers! They are available in various formats, and there are countless customization options.

Always keep an eye on our section dedicated to promotional products, where you can find many incredible offers not to be missed!