Wine and Spirit Labels

Give your bottles the perfect look with our wine and spirit labels. Resistant to liquid, they ensure your artwork remains intact if immersed in water or ice, and maintain good adhesion even in contact with damp surfaces. Make your wine, spirit or soft drink stand out on the shelf.

  • 21 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available

Print Personalised Wine Labels Online

Do you delight your customers' taste buds with quality and tradition? Do you offer top-notch wine and alcoholic beverages? Likewise, at Pixartprinting, we care about the visual impact your products can have on consumers. That's why we offer personalised wine labels printed in high definition and crafted with a selection of materials carefully chosen by our experts. We use the best printing technologies to provide you with beautiful, original, and durable labels.

Choose your design, select the configuration options on this page, and order your new wine and liquor labels with just a few clicks. You can specify the size and material you prefer for printing, among the many available options. Additionally, you have the possibility to embellish your new labels, giving your wine and liquor bottles a unique and elegant look.

Once you place your order, you will receive your new wine and liquor labels directly at your office (or home) through fast and punctual shipments. Take advantage of the offer!

Personalised Wine Labels: Choosing the Format

Within the page, you can find 3 predefined formats for printing your new wine and liquor labels:

  • Circular Labels
  • Square Labels
  • Rectangular Labels

But that's not all. If you wish to print custom-sized labels, you can select the "Custom Format and Die-Cut" option. This way, you can give your new wine labels the shape you prefer. The minimum printable area is 1x1 cm, while the maximum printable area is 30x30 cm.

Many Materials for Printing Your New Wine and Liquor Labels

The choice of material for label printing is crucial. Each support has unique properties and will give your graphics a distinct appearance. Select the ideal material for your new personalised wine labels from the many options available:

  1. Pearlescent Satin Paper Labels: adhesive white paper with a pearlescent embossed effect. Recommended for the wine, ceremonial, and luxury sectors.
  2. Black Colored Paste Paper Labels: high-quality black adhesive paper that adheres even to wet surfaces and at low temperatures. Resistant to immersion in water and ice, suitable for decorating bottles with dark glass.
  3. Greaseproof Felt Paper Labels: uncoated natural adhesive paper with a surface reminiscent of fabric. Resistant to stains thanks to Greaseproof treatment, making it resistant to oils and fats.
  4. Birch Wove Paper Labels: adhesive wove paper made of pure cellulose, resistant to mold and humidity even at low temperatures. Has good adhesion to wet surfaces.
  5. Fiber Grass Paper Labels: coated adhesive paper with a yellow-brown background color and impurities in the mixture, giving it an "eco-friendly" appearance.
  6. Gold Paper Labels: laminated adhesive paper with a glossy gold finish and a metallic effect.
  7. Natural White Paper Labels: natural white adhesive paper applicable to any type of surface.
  8. Coated Paper Labels: glossy adhesive paper in white. Perfect for curved surfaces and adheres to materials like cardboard and plastic.
  9. Uncoated Paper Labels: non-coated white adhesive paper, simple and versatile.
  10. White Deluxe Polypropylene Labels: glossy white adhesive polypropylene suitable for many applications, even in outdoor environments.
  11. Transparent Deluxe Polypropylene Labels: glossy transparent polypropylene with high transparency adhesive, also available for mirror printing.

Not sure which support to choose for printing your new personalised wine labels? No problem. We provide our useful Sticker and Label Sample Pack, inside which you can find all the main adhesive materials for printing. This way, you can personally observe the characteristics of each support and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Lamination and Embellishment of Personalised Wine Labels

Have you chosen the perfect material for your new personalised wine labels? Now you can further enhance the label surface with a special Finishing, which will provide additional protection to the print. Labellife3 Scratch-Resistant Varnish is perfect for protecting the adhesive from stress situations typical of product storage and distribution processes. Glossy or matte Lamination, on the other hand, makes the label surface visually appealing and pleasant to touch, providing additional protection to the print.

Through Embellishment, you can add an extra touch of elegance to your new personalised wine labels. 3D Varnish allows you to embellish the label with a particular embossed effect, making the surface visually appealing and pleasant to touch. Selective gold or silver Lamination is used to highlight certain details of the graphics, which acquire a metallic gold or silver appearance.

Personalisation of the Reel for Wine Labels

With Pixartprinting, you can also personalize the Reel on which your new personalised wine labels are printed. This will allow you to have wine and liquor labels on a reel ready for use in your production areas. You can select the Exit Direction of the labels on the ribbon, the Distance between one label and the next, the Reel Division, and the Height of each reel.

From Configuration to Online Printing of Wine Labels, in Just a Few Clicks

Once you have completed the product configuration on this page, we recommend downloading the useful Template and Instructions files. This way, you can follow our graphic designers' directions for a correct and simpler setup of your print file.

Thanks to the Automatic Online Quote, estimated in real-time during the customization of your new wine labels, you will immediately know the final price of the product.

Submit your order in just a few clicks to receive your new personalised wine labels directly at your office (or home) through fast and punctual shipments. Remember that, in case of any doubts or specific requests, you can rely on our Assistance service. One of our experts will be ready to assist you at any stage of the purchasing process.

What Information to Include in Personalised Wine Labels?

To capture the attention of customers, you must present your wine bottles at their best. You can include fundamental information in your personalised wine and liquor labels to make yourself known and recognized:

  • Your brand logo, for easy recognition on the shelves.
  • A photo of your winery or vineyard: a personal touch is always appreciated.
  • The production year of your wines or liquors.
  • The production location of your products.
  • The alcohol content of your beverages.
  • A brief text telling the story of your business, along with listing the features of your wines and liquors.

Tell the taste and tradition of your products through high-quality personalised wine labels!

Wine and Liquor Labels, But Not Only...

Are you looking for new packaging solutions for your wine bottles? At Pixartprinting, you can find many. Hang Tags for Bottles, for example, are perfect for branding your products and providing customers with all the information they might need about your company. Bottle Carriers, on the other hand, are ideal for creating cardboard packages, perfect for an elegant display on the shelf.

Looking for a safe and customizable product to package your bottles? Wine Bottle Carriers are sturdy and 100% customizable with your graphics. Discover them!

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