Fabric Colour Guide

Our color guide features the main colour combinations for printing directly onto a vast range of media. Choose the material you need from our selection of natural and synthetic textiles. The guide is printed onto a 100 x 70 cm sample and is an essential reference for getting the print results you want.

A guide to selecting fabric colours - Custom fabric printing services in the UK

At Pixartprinting, we understand that choosing the right colours for custom fabric printing can be a daunting task. That's why we offer a Fabric Colour Guide that provides an overview of the natural and synthetic textile options available on our website. Simply select your preferred material from the options provided, and we will print a sample of our colour guide on a 100 x 70 cm fabric swatch. This will allow you to see a sample of the print quality and colour yield on your chosen material, ensuring you get the precise colours you want for your fabric.

Colour swatch book for fabric printing

Our Fabric Colour Guide includes a range of natural and synthetic materials to choose from, including:

  • Windproof Outdoor Fabric 115 gsm: Durable woven flags that are washable, printed in six colours with a gloss definition. Last up to two years outdoors and indefinitely indoors.
  • Deluxe Indoor Fabric 130 gsm: Quality, washable fabric for indoor or short-term use. Printed in six colours with a higher resolution than the outdoor fabric.
  • Standard Banner 235 gsm: Ideal for single-sided banners. Washable, and printed with sublimation inks in up to six colours at a resolution of 720x720dpi for bright and accurate colours. Lasts up to 2 years outdoors and indefinitely indoors.
  • Elastic Fabric 215 gsm: Made from a slightly elastic, anti-crease, 100% polyester fabric. Printed in six colours with a resolution of 720 x 720 dpi. The INKTeX+BS system ensures colourfast dyes.
  • Non-woven Fabric 95 gsm: A lightweight, disposable non-woven fabric that produces bright colours and exceptional clarity. It can last approximately two weeks outdoors and indefinitely indoors.

Fabric Colour Guide: An essential visual reference

Whether you're unsure which colours to choose or want to ensure that the colours will be printed as you expect on your preferred material, our Fabric Colour Guide is an indispensable tool that will help you make a decision. Our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction means that you can trust our Fabric Colour Guide to help you get the results you require for your custom fabric printing needs in the UK.