Planners are an essential item for restaurants, offices and shops – handy blocks of 50 pages to jot down anything and everything. Keep them on the counter next to the till or on your desk so you can record meeting times, reservations and notes.

  • Three sizes to choose from
  • 2 models

Organize Your Time with Desk Planners

If your desk is too chaotic, free yourself from the unnecessary and keep only the essentials: personalized desk planners are a must-have tool for daily work organization. Thanks to desk planners, you can have every appointment at your fingertips. The high print quality ensures an excellent representation of your graphics, offering you an attractive and professional product to showcase.

With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print your new personalized planners online in just a few clicks! Customize them on this page, place your order, and upload your graphics to complete the purchase. You will receive them directly at your office with punctual delivery.

Personalized 2024 Desk Planners

The desktop planner is printed on 90g classic ivory paper with a horizontal orientation. For sturdy support, the sheets are backed by a white/gray 400g rigid cardboard. The pad of sheets is glued to the base (the sheets are attached together at the bottom). This type of binding allows you to easily tear off the used sheets once the workweek is over.

Each desk planner consists of 50 pages. It features a weekly layout available in three different designs. Each sheet provides the seven days of the week divided by hours of the day, and a column with all twelve months, giving you a broader overview of your work schedule.

Printed Planners: Customize It Your Way!

To create your personalized desk planners, Pixartprinting allows you to choose:

  • Size: three different sizes, including 21x29.7cm (A4), 29.7x42cm (A3), and 42x15cm.
  • Layout: select one of the three different weekly grid arrangements.
  • Version: the planning calendars are available in both Italian and English.

At this point, simply select the desired quantity of planners, the most suitable delivery date for your needs, and complete the order. Finally, upload your print file and wait for your order to be delivered to the specified address.

Graphics for Your Personalized Planners

Make use of the template and instructions from our designers to set up your print file correctly! Remember that our systems only process files in PDF 1:1 format. Open the template and apply your graphics to obtain a planner that aligns perfectly with your corporate image.

If you lack the skills to set up your file independently, no problem. Rely on our Design Service to receive support from one of our professional designers. They can modify your file or create a new graphic proposal based on your instructions.

What is a Personalized Planner Used For?

Whatever your activity, the desk planner is a product that can assist you in planning your commitments and days. Whether you use it in the office to organize meetings or take notes not to forget, or in a store to mark appointment times. It can even be a gift to offer your customers at the end of the year along with their purchases. How you use it is entirely up to you, based on your creativity and needs.

Desk Planners and Personalized Calendars

In addition to planning calendars, Pixartprinting offers a wide range of products for your daily organization and to support your communication. Within the calendars category, you will find various models, from desktop calendars to wall or pocket calendars. Personalized diaries are also ideal for keeping notes and appointments always at hand.

Everything you need to organize your work is just a click away!