Pocket-sized Calendars

These compact and convenient pocket-sized calendars, designed to take with you wherever you go, ensure your schedule is always within reach. They make a handy solution to keep in your wallet or to leave on your shop counter as a free gift for customers.

  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Two different layouts
  • Special finishes available
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Custom Pocket Calendars 2023

The extensive Pixartprinting catalog offers a unique product to organize your time: custom pocket calendars. To always have your 2023 at hand, we provide you with a compact and convenient calendar to carry with you. Custom pocket calendars are a functional tool for easily spreading your message and promoting your business.

How to Customize Wallet Calendars?

Custom pocket calendars are printed on Demi-matte Coated Paper, a paper with a high level of whiteness and a satin finish. It is made without wood, resists aging, enhances high-quality image reproduction, and ensures sharp text.

When placing your order, you will have the following options available:

  • Size: Choose the classic model (8.5x5.5cm) or the folding model (17x5.5cm) for a double surface on which to print your content.
  • Corners: Pixartprinting offers the possibility to give a unique touch to your pocket calendars by shaping the corners, either square or rounded.
  • Lamination: Choose whether to laminate your cards to protect against scratches and wear.
  • Finishing: Three different options are available (3D varnish, gold lamination, or silver lamination). The first option consists of a thick varnish applied to selected areas of the design. Gold and silver lamination, on the other hand, is applied using heat bonding to specific points on the selected support.
  • Layout: Two different layout options are available.
  • Version: Italian or English.

With all these options, you can make your customized pocket calendars for 2023 unique.

Usage Contexts for Pocket Calendars

Print customized calendars and use them in various situations: they can serve as handy bookmarks or reminders to keep in your pocket or on your desk. If any surface is an opportunity to promote your brand, pocket calendars can also be a valuable tool to make your business known, even on a few centimeters of support. They can be distributed as promotional items at an event or fair to leave your contact information with visitors. Alternatively, you can give calendars as a small gift together with your customers' purchases.

Pocket Calendars, an Alternative to Business Cards

A business card is always a great idea to make a good impression and leave a memorable contact with your customers. However, there is a possibility that they may choose to discard it instead of keeping it in their wallet as we would like, either because they are not interested in our services or because they already have too many business cards.

If we want to ensure that this doesn't happen, we need to provide an incentive to keep that card. Using a custom pocket calendar can be an excellent solution!

By printing your custom pocket calendar with your logo and contact information, you increase the chances that the person will keep the card in their wallet because it is genuinely useful to them.

A pocket calendar is practical and allows us to keep track of our appointments and deadlines every time we open our wallets. Every time that person uses the calendar, they will see our logo and maybe our phone number, increasing the likelihood of being contacted.

Pocket Calendars, an Affordable Gift Idea

If you want to give a small token to your customers or employees during the holiday season, a calendar can be a great idea, considering its proximity to the start of the new year.

But what if our budget is limited? Well, the solution is simple: print a smaller calendar, the pocket calendar!

The pocket calendar is a very affordable gift idea but perfect if you want to give a small gift to a large number of people. This item still has its usefulness, and if kept in a wallet, it can help keep track of appointments.

If, in addition to pocket calendars, you want to consider other small but useful and economical gifts, take a look at our custom bookmarks, bookmark calendars, and custom notepads.

Wallet Calendars and Other Ideas for Your Appointments

Custom pocket calendars are just one of the many products offered by Pixartprinting to organize your time. Discover the wide range of calendars: from desk calendars to planners, wall calendars, and bookmarks. You can combine your customized pocket calendars with a wide range of communication materials. For example, check out our business cards: we offer various formats to meet all your needs and cater to your specific communication requirements.