Rigid Media All Materials

There's no project that can't be printed with Pixartprinting's vast range of rigid media. The 16 materials we offer can be used to create fittings and furnishings, posters, information boards, furniture and installations. Choose from plastic, cardboard or aluminium and create your own tailor-made communication materials for shops, trade fairs, events and display spaces.

  • Standard or custom sizes
  • Cut square or to shape
  • From 10 x 10 cm

Display board printing

Quality board printing in a wide range of sizes

Pixartprinting’s cutting-edge technology allows us to produce HD quality printed display boards that are durable, light – and therefore easy to wall mount – and in a variety of sizes, from small through to extremely large. The range of materials we have on offer is truly astounding, from foam board printing and cardboard right through to wood.

In recent years, display board printing has become more and more popular among seasoned graphic designers and in art circles, where some of the most frequent choices are 3 mm Foamex and Aluminium, due to their light weight and the excellent quality of the print. Alternatively, some of the more resilient materials are excellent for sign printing, or for advertising.

Whichever material you choose, with Pixartprinting you are guaranteed high quality, excellent customer service and affordable prices.

Printed display boards – which material should I choose?

Your choice of material for your printed boards and Foamex board printing project will depend on their intended use: are they to be used for marketing and advertising purposes, or are they purely decorative? Will they be used indoors or outdoors? And how long do they need to last?

Pixartprinting offers a fantastic range of boards and materials to be printed on, allowing you to print your graphics or photographs on the material that best meets your needs. The materials available include:

  • Foamex board printing, a light and durable material generally used for large fine art printing and display boards.
  • Smart-X, an advanced foam board, more resistant and much lighter.
  • Plexiglas, a versatile material frequently used for photograph mounting and fine art printing.
  • Corrugated plastic, or corrugated PVC, a good choice for affordable outdoor printed boards.

Other, more specialised materials, for a more unique effect, are also available, such as aluminium and wood, typically used for sign printing or creating customised plaques. Last but not least, we offer printing onto a wide range of corrugated cardboards, perfect for display board printing or signs, for temporary or indoor use.

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