Synthetic Fabrics & Flags

A huge range of synthetic materials that ensure high-quality printing and bright colours. Ideal for use both indoors and out.

Print Flags and Synthetic Fabrics Online

Whether waving from the top of a building, in a commercial space, or raised on a trade show stand, a flag always knows how to get noticed. Fabrics are great communicators, especially when made with high-quality sublimation printing, choosing vibrant colors and impactful graphics. Among the most impactful means of communication, flags and fabrics are ideal for showcasing a brand or product, being visible from great distances, and sending strong and clear messages.

For perfect fabric printing, Pixartprinting is the ideal partner. We use the most technologically advanced machines and the highest quality materials. Sublimation printing ensures a high-quality outcome and delivers brilliant colors, quickly and at affordable costs. Take advantage of the excellent quality-price ratio that you can only get with Pixartprinting! We are at your disposal all year round to meet all your communication needs.

Custom Flags with Your Tailor-Made Graphics

"Customization" is the key word in everything we do. You have the possibility to customize your fabric flags directly on our website, with just a few clicks and in an intuitive way. Download the template and follow the instructions to correctly set up the file containing your graphics and achieve the best possible result. During fairs and events, you can display unique flags that will definitely make you stand out.

You can choose the most suitable material for printing your flags. Here are some options:

  • 100% polyester fabric: wrinkle-resistant and fire-resistant, it can deliver high-definition images with brilliant colors.
  • Elastic fabric: slightly elastic polyester fabric, wrinkle-resistant and fire-resistant.
  • Windproof nautical flag fabric: thanks to its wide mesh, it has windproof properties. Perfect for outdoor use, it guarantees a lifespan of at least 2 years when exposed to the open air.
  • DELUXE indoor flag fabric: premium fabric suitable primarily for indoor use, but also for short outdoor exhibitions.
  • Lightweight TNT fabric: a disposable material that gives the effect of "non-woven fabric." An economical solution, perfect for special products to be used on a single occasion.

Once you have selected the fabric that suits your needs, you can also choose the cutting mode (square or untrimmed) and the orientation (vertical or horizontal).

Your Custom Flag with Edge Cutting and Reinforcement

For printing your new flag, you have the option to choose the cutting mode. By selecting the "untrimmed" option, the printing area will correspond to the maximum printable area on the roll. With a square cut, instead, the flag will have a square or rectangular cut along the perimeter of your graphics.

Furthermore, you can make your flag more durable by adding edge reinforcement. For PVC material, this is a high-frequency welding, highly recommended to reinforce the area where the eyelets are applied and prevent tearing of the material. For fabric material, on the other hand, the reinforcement is represented by a simple machine hem: 2 cm of fabric are folded twice on the back of the print and stitched with a straight stitch.

You also have the option to add grommets along the perimeter of the flag to make it easier to display.

Accessories for Displaying Your New Flag

We offer a range of useful accessories for displaying your new flag. Choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Polycarbonate eyelets: high-strength eyelets useful for the passage of ropes or cables, preventing direct rubbing of the cable with the flag fabric.
  • Fabric straps: 15 cm long straps, ideal for attaching the flag to ropes or cables.
  • Plastic tensioners: white tensioners measuring 2.5x4.7 cm, with cotton ribbon and a hole of 1x2.4 cm.

On this page, you can view the number of accessories we recommend based on your choices. They will help you display your new custom flag with ease.

Create Graphics for Your New Custom Flag

Once you have completed the product configuration on this page, we recommend downloading the useful template with the instructions from our designers to correctly set up your print file. If you do not have the necessary skills to create your graphics, you can rely on our new Design Services: you can count on the assistance of our professional designer who can help you adjust your file or propose a solution that suits your needs.

  • Revision: If you already have a file, we take care of the minor modifications you need (dimensions, orientation, content) or create the print file if you provide us with a photo of your material.
  • Design: We design your communication material from scratch, following your instructions.

Order Your Custom Outdoor Flags Online

Once you have completed the product customization, you can view the price of your custom flags estimated with our free online quote based on your choices. Add the product to your cart and proceed with the order. We will take care of everything else. You will receive the product directly in your office, with fast and punctual shipping.

At your next fair, you can proudly display your new flags with your company's or association's logo and colors, signaling your presence and attracting attention from passersby in an original way.

The Best Solutions for Maximum Visibility

In Pixartprinting, you can find everything you need to set up your exhibition spaces. A wide range of products to give great visibility to your stand and convey your messages through impactful communication. Visit our dedicated section on exhibitors and totems! You will discover numerous ideas for impactful and original communication.

Remember to check out our best offers to take advantage of incredible prices! They are all customizable to fit your needs and printed with guaranteed high quality from Pixartprinting.