Food Packaging Labels

Oil, sauces, jams or juice: our bottle labels have nothing to fear! There are eleven different paper or plastic materials to choose from, all resistant to staining and contact with foods. Create customised labels for your brand of products to take to trade fairs, open-air festivals or top-end boutiques.

  • 22 materials to choose from
  • Suitable for automatic labelling machines
  • Short print runs available

Print Food Packaging Labels

Do you want to make your food products, bottles, and packages immediately recognizable? Do you wish to catch the customers' attention from the shelf? With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print personalized Food Packaging Labels that perfectly align with your brand's image.

We offer you 14 different materials and many other customization options for printing your Food Labels. We provide a quality printing service to create labels that make your products stand out. Discover them!

Personalized Food Packaging Labels

Why use personalized labels to decorate your food products? Oils, sauces, jams, juices will have a unique, immediately recognizable appearance that respects your brand. Packaging plays a fundamental role in consumers' purchasing decisions today. Through a label, you have the opportunity to present the product, tell its story, and describe its qualities using colors and words.

Order your Food Labels online in a few clicks

With Pixartprinting, you can print Food Packaging Labels perfect for your business activity. Select the preferred customization options:

  1. Format: To allow maximum space for your creativity, you can use custom format and die-cutting to create unique Food Labels. However, four pre-defined formats are available: circular, square, oval, and rectangular. You can also choose the dimensions of your Food Labels, ranging from a minimum of 1x1 cm to a maximum of 30x30 cm.
  2. Material: Choose from 14 different materials. Each support has unique properties and will enhance the graphics of your Food Labels.
  3. Exit direction: Choose from four possibilities: 0°, 90°, 180°, or -90°.
  4. Distance between labels: The minimum space between labels is 0.8 cm.
  5. Core inner diameter: 76 mm.
  6. Roll division: You can decide the number of rolls to print your labels, choosing from four possibilities: one roll 33 cm tall, two rolls 16.5 cm tall, three rolls 11 cm tall, or six rolls 5.5 cm tall.
  7. Label cutting mode: The half-cut die allows cutting only the adhesive material and not the underlying support. This makes peeling easier, especially for small-sized labels.
  8. Finish: Labellife 3 scratch-resistant varnish, matte lamination, or glossy lamination.

Unique Materials for your Food Packaging Labels

For printing your new Food Labels, you can choose from 14 different Materials. 10 types of Paper:

  • Matte adhesive paper: Standard white paper, versatile and suitable for various applications.
  • Uncoated adhesive paper: Natural uncoated white paper.
  • White natural adhesive paper: White paper that can be easily applied to any surface.
  • Laid adhesive paper: Gesso-colored pure cellulose paper with anti-mold and anti-humidity treatment.
  • Satin-effect adhesive paper: Pearl white, embossed paper with a surface effect similar to satin.
  • Felt-effect adhesive paper: High-quality uncoated paper with a rough surface that gives it a fabric-like effect.
  • Barrier adhesive paper: Particularly resistant to water.
  • Vegetable fiber adhesive paper: Made with plant fibers, characterized by a yellow-brown background color and imperfections in the pulp, giving it an "eco-friendly" appearance.
  • Gold adhesive paper: Laminated with shiny gold for a metallic effect.
  • Black adhesive paper: High-quality, solid black colored paper.

And 4 types of Polypropylene:

  • White polypropylene: Glossy white polypropylene with high-transparency permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Transparent polypropylene: Glossy transparent polypropylene with high-transparency permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Holographic polypropylene: Material with a mirrored finish and a rainbow effect.
  • Silver polypropylene: Silver metallic polypropylene with high-transparency permanent acrylic adhesive.

Can't decide? Order our Sticker & Label Sample Pack to personally experience the quality of each material.

Laminated and Embellished Food Packaging Labels

To protect your new Food Packaging Labels, you can also apply surface Lamination: Scratch-resistant varnish, matte lamination, or glossy lamination.

To highlight specific details in the print, we recommend applying Embellishments: 3D varnish, gold lamination, or silver lamination. Your new Food Labels will have a premium and professional appearance.

Order your Food Packaging Labels in a few clicks!

With Pixartprinting, ordering personalized Food Packaging Labels is easy. You can do it through this page:

  1. Select your preferred configuration options.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions from the page provided by our designers to correctly set up your print file. Alternatively, use Designer, our free online editor, to create a new design in a few clicks.
  3. Place the order and upload your file to complete the purchase.

You will receive your new Food Labels in your office with punctual delivery. If you have any doubts or special requests, you can rely on our Customer Support team.

Food Labels and much more

In addition to Food Packaging Labels, with Pixartprinting, you also have the opportunity to create your Food Packaging. We offer you many items for creating a unique Packaging that perfectly aligns with your style: Custom Labels such as Roll Labels or Sheet Labels, Seals for jars and bottles, Custom Boxes, and much more.

Finally, if you want to attract customers and promote your business, you can use one of our Displays.