Promotional Boxes

Promotional boxes are a classic, versatile solution designed to suit any type of product. Delivered flat, and easy to assemble in just a few steps, you can choose the size and customise the artwork across the entire outer surface.

  • Lamination available
  • Optional finishes
  • 6 different materials

Customizable Promotional Boxes

Promotional boxes are an effective marketing tool to enhance your product. With Pixartprinting, you can create 100% tailor-made, original, and captivating boxes. Suitable for various contexts, these boxes are ideal for packaging items for sale or promotional giveaways for events. Customize the dimensions and cardboard type, and print your graphics on both the internal and external surfaces.

Ordering your promotional boxes with Pixartprinting is easy and fast. Configure your preferred options, place your order, and upload the print file. You'll receive the product directly at your store or home, within 24 hours!

Create Your Promotional Boxes Online, It's Simple!

Customizing the boxes on our website requires just a few steps:

  1. Select your desired customization options.
  2. Download the template with instructions from our graphics page.
  3. Place your order and upload your file to complete the purchase.

There are numerous customization options: dimensions, type of cardboard, lamination, varnishing, and internal cutting. Discover them all!

Promotional Boxes for Your Product

Don't risk ordering boxes that are too large or too small. With Pixartprinting, you can enter measurements suitable for your content and select the format, base, and depth. The dimensions range from a minimum of 20x20 mm to a maximum of 200x200 mm.

Printing Your Boxes Is Easy and Affordable

Creating boxes with Pixartprinting is easy, fast, and cost-effective. Use our 3D editor or seek help from an expert to design an exclusive packaging.

Useful Tips for Designing Your Box

Here are some suggestions for creating captivating and functional boxes:

  • Shapes and colors consistent with your brand.
  • Material suitable for your product and target audience.
  • Explore a variety of models and closures for original packaging.
  • Eye-catching design and space for essential information.
  • Manage space effectively and distribute elements wisely.

Design Your Boxes in 3D

With our editor, visualize a 3D mockup of your box, rotate it, and view it from different angles as you apply your graphics. This allows you to customize your boxes to the fullest and reduce the likelihood of errors, ensuring a product that meets your expectations. Remember, what you see in 3D is what you'll receive at home!

Eco-Friendly Promotional Boxes

Discover our wide range of cardboard packaging to create eco-friendly boxes without the use of plastic. If your product is intended for an environmentally conscious audience, an eco-sustainable box could make a difference.

In addition to cardboard boxes, our catalog offers a wide selection of adaptable models for every need. Explore all the options and find the one that best suits your product.

In conclusion, customizable boxes offer a unique opportunity to add value to your product and distinguish yourself from the competition. With Pixartprinting, you have the chance to create tailor-made, captivating packaging that aligns with your brand, all in a simple, fast, and affordable way. Don't miss the opportunity to create customized boxes that will win over your customers!