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Food-safe Packaging

We can take care of all your food products, with cardboard packaging, flat pouches and Doypacks made with food-safe materials and a vast range of designs suitable for wrapped foods. Plus you can ship your creations to your customers' homes with our secure mailers and postal boxes.


The perfect packaging for deliveries, takeaways and wrapped foods

Discover our packaging for pre-wrapped foods, including confectionery boxes, paperboard gift boxes and tray and display boxes. Our takeaway boxes are essential for anyone offering a takeaway service, and don't miss our huge range of shipping supplies, postal boxes and mailers for sending products to your customers' homes.

Creating amazing packaging is now easy as pie.

Discover our Designer and create bespoke boxes in just a few clicks. We provide you with a vast array of designs to choose from, which you can edit by changing the colours, layout and size. It couldn't be simpler!

Show the world what you're made of

Everyone knows that appearances are crucial when it comes to food, so your packaging has a vital role to play, both grabbing customers' attention and providing all the essential information on the product's origins, supply chain and nutritional value. Choose the style of certified food-safe packaging that best suits your product.

Packaging for everyone

We have always offered a wide array of products of the highest quality to present your brand, including lidded boxes, deluxe boxes and food containers, as well as a vast selection of flat pouches and Doypacks for coffee, spices and other foodstuffs. We also have plenty of packaging designed specifically for deliveries and takeaways, including confectionery boxes and takeaway boxes.

And the cherry on the cake...

Finally, if you want to give your delivery service extra class and style, complete the effect with paper bags customised with your brand or logo.

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