Finished natural fabrics

Huge range of cotton and silk fabrics. Different weights and styles make these materials suitable for garments or furnishings. All fabrics undergo a finishing process to ensure the highest possible performance.

High-Quality Natural Fabrics for Custom Fabric Printing

When it comes to creating exclusive products, custom fabric printing on natural fabrics like cotton and silk is the perfect solution. Pixartprinting offers high-quality custom textile printing services that are ideal for creating shirts, pillows, bed linen, scarves, curtains, and women's blouses.

You can choose from two different natural fabrics, cotton and silk, each with two different finish options. With Pixartprinting's technology, you have the chance to create and personalize your custom printed silk and cotton fabrics. You can upload your pattern and select basic repeat, half-drop repeat, or half-brick repeat.

Whether you need material for your entire collection or just a basic amount for one model, Pixartprinting makes it easy to order the exact number of linear meters of printed fabric you need. Plus, you can get a free quote in real time!

Our custom fabric printing services are not only ideal for creating exclusive products, but they're also perfect for interior furnishings. This is why they are one of our most popular products. We guarantee high-quality printing and materials every time.

Ordering your printed decorative fabrics is easy and affordable. In just a few clicks, your product will be on its way to your home!

Pixartprinting is a leading partner for online custom fabric printing, serving over 80,000 customers across Europe.

Uses of Custom Textile Printing

  1. 100% Cotton - 110 gsm - Quartz (Muslin 60) - Ideal for shirts, sarongs, furnishings such as curtains and bed linen, lingerie, and women's clothing such as blouses.
  2. 100% Cotton - 150 gsm - Polo (Poplin 50/50) - Ideal for shirts, pillows, and bed linen. The most popular fabric for men's shirts.
  3. Cotton/Silk - 54 gsm - Diamond (Habutai) - Ideal for scarves, curtains, and women's blouses. Can also be used for T-shirts, lampshades, summer shirts, or light lingerie.
  4. 100% Silk - 34 gsm - Ryana (8-mm Habutai) - Ideal for scarves, shirts, and summer dresses. Can also be used for T-shirts, lampshades, or light lingerie.
  5. 100% Silk - 60 gsm - Daphne (14-mm Twill) - Ideal for scarves. This fabric features a diagonal weft pattern.
  6. 100% Cotton - 350 gsm - Strong (Drill) - Ideal for pictures, cushions, and trousers. Used in clothing such as T-shirts, safari jackets, shirts, and sportswear.

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