Special Finish Postcards

If you want to create postcards that are a little out of the ordinary, Pixartprinting offers you three special finish options: gold, silver and 3D varnish. Special finish postcards are a sophisticated and striking communication option for launches, openings, important events or exhibitions.

  • 3 finishes available
  • 3 different sizes
  • Lamination available

3D postcards for a sophisticated message

For elegant and stylish business communication, you need a good-looking tool that is simple to understand, and our special finish postcards are the ideal choice. There are several different ways you can configure the product: simply choose the options that best suit your needs.

Customisation options for 3D postcards and special finish postcard printing in the UK

  1. Size: the postcards are available in 10 x 15 cm, 10 x 21 cm and 14.8 x 21 cm formats.
  2. Orientation: you can choose between portrait and landscape.
  3. Paper: there are two different types to choose from. Classic Demimatt - Matt Coated paper, with a high white point and a silky finish, produces extra-sharp text and high-quality images. Classic Gloss - Gloss Coated paper, meanwhile, creates prints with rich and realistic colours and optimal greyscale definition thanks to its high brightness level and silky finish.
  4. Printing details: you can choose to print on just one side or to go for a different design on each side.
  5. Finish: you have three options available for your bespoke postcard printing project. The transparent 3D varnish is applied to the parts of your artwork you want to stand out and provides an embossed tactile effect. A gold or silver coating is also available on your chosen parts of the surface. Lamination can also be added to either the front or back.

Our order form is easy to use and intuitive. As you work your way through the form, selecting your preferred options, the prices will automatically update below so that you can keep track of your budget. Our graphic designers are on-hand to check your artwork for a small fee and our customer care team would be happy to help if you have any questions during the process.

The best image for your customers

Once you've selected the features that best suit your 3D postcards, watch how our bespoke postcard printing service helps you to promote your brand. If you print these special finish postcards to take with you to events, you can give them to customers you meet there and thus leave them a memory of your encounter.

Complete your range of promotional items

To attract as many customers as possible to your stand, you need to try to be visible during events, and our site offers various useful tools for postcard printing in the UK, so that you can introduce yourself in style. You can display your special finish postcards on our pop-up counters with headers, which can be adapted to suit the particular trade fair you are attending, and grab customers' attention with one of our displays – pick your favourite!