Choose aluminium for a sophisticated and unconventional material for your printing projects. 3 mm thick and available in either a white or brushed version, it gives your products a bright and striking appearance. Aluminium is weather resistant and ideal for fitting out exhibition spaces and shops, or for use as outdoor signage or information boards, plaques or signs in smart settings.

  • Custom or standard sizes
  • Cut square or to shape
  • Varnish coating available
  • From 14 x 14 cm

Aluminium Signage and Prints

Durable Aluminium Signs in the

Aluminium is an excellent medium for creating custom signs or images due to its durability and elegance. The lightweight yet strong material is frequently used in the corporate and art worlds as it produces bright, sleek colours and is also weatherproof, making it a sound choice for sophisticated outdoor advertising.

Technical Specifications for Aluminium Printing

There are two types of aluminium available for printing, both of which are 3 mm thick:

  • White Aluminium
  • Brushed Aluminium (Eurobond Thompson)

The structure of aluminium material makes your prints robust and weatherproof, making them an ideal choice for sophisticated outdoor advertising or signage. Both materials can last up to three years outdoors and indefinitely indoors. Brushed aluminium also offers a sleek finish, making it ideal for elegant decor.

Customising Your Aluminium Signs

Your images or graphics are printed directly onto your choice of aluminium, but there are various customisation options available. You can choose from 11 standard sizes or select "custom format" and enter your own dimensions to ensure that your sign or print fits your space perfectly. The maximum dimensions for white aluminium are 190 x 290 cm and 145 x 290 cm for brushed aluminium.

You can choose to have your print cut to shape or select square-cut edges, and a scratch-resistant gloss varnish can be added for added shine and protection.

Ordering Your Aluminium Signs

Our Aluminium printing order form is designed to be user-friendly, taking you through the various options step by step. Look out for the "i" icons at the side for useful information to help guide your choices, and watch as the prices and delivery dates update in real-time as you make your selections.

You can download instructions in pdf format to help you prepare a print-ready file, but don't worry, we'll always check your artwork before printing. An enhanced file check can be carried out by our graphic designers for a small fee if you would like that extra bit of peace of mind.

If you have any questions or concerns as you work your way through the order form, our customer care team is always on hand to help.

Alternatives to Aluminium Printing

If aluminium signs are not what you're looking for when it comes to your outdoor prints, visit the outdoor PVC Stickers section, which offers excellent alternatives.