POS Displays

A vast selection of freestanding displays, magazine racks and self-adhesive pockets, available in various models and sizes and ready to customise with your own artwork.

Print Custom Point of Sale Displays with Pixartprinting

What is a POS Display?

A POS Display is a fixed floor display, predominantly used during fairs and industry events for setting up points of sale and exhibition spaces, or for outdoor promotion. When we talk about totems, the keyword is "visibility". It is a generally large tool, completely printed with customized images, capable of attracting attention from passersby due to its distinctive shape and impressive size.

There are numerous models available, created with various shapes and materials. At Pixartprinting, we produce over 26 models of POS displays on different supports, to offer a suitable solution for any specific communication need. You have the option to order online and print the perfect product for you with just a few simple clicks. We are the leaders in online printing and continuously work to provide our customers with the best supports for their advertising communication. Meticulous material selection and continuous research for innovation guide our daily commitment to always provide you with the most cost-effective quality-price ratio on the market.

Customize your POS Displays to suit your needs now! Choose your preferred customization options and bring your original ideas to life.

Our POS Display Models

Within our section dedicated to POS displays, you can discover 26 different models, each with unique characteristics and designed for specific usage contexts:

  • Totem 3: The three-sided display made of lightweight but durable Corrugated Plastic, available in standard, XL, and S sizes. Different dimensions for different space availability. Three large rectangular faces to shape and color your ideas and promotional messages.
  • Totem 4: Characterized by its four large sides made of 3.5mm Corrugated Plastic, it is the classic and timeless floor display. Available in standard or XL format.
  • Tribeca: Composed of four modules made of Double-Wave Cardboard and distinguished by a unique shape that ensures high visibility.
  • Sidney: Curved display made of Double-Wave Cardboard E+F, with a large surface for highly visible printing.
  • Floor Display: An economical and simple yet highly useful totem. It features a convenient support base for reliable stability.
  • Toronto: The display with three shelves for a practical presentation of your promotional materials, such as flyers, brochures, and postcards.
  • New York: A4 magazine holder made of Double-Wave Cardboard, ideal for points of sale and trade show booths. It comes with a crowner for printing your personalized advertising message.
  • Folding Screen: A foldable and self-supporting cardboard panel used as a colorful divider in shops, workspaces, or events.
  • Dover: Classic rectangular support made of cardboard with supporting feet. An economical yet effective solution, printed with high quality.
  • Shelf Displays: Primarily used in retail environments, they are perfect for displaying your products through a customized tool that matches your company's corporate image.
  • Tower Display: A three-tier totem for showcasing products or informational materials. Thanks to customizable assembly, it adapts incredibly well to any usage context.
  • Polypropylene (Corrugated Plastic) Easels: Used indoors or outdoors, they are suitable for fairs and events. They can be easily moved due to the handle hole and lightweight design.
  • Giza: A unique pyramid-shaped display, printable on three sides, available in standard or small version.
  • Boston: Double-sided display made of Double-Wave Cardboard, equipped with convenient handles.
  • Vancouver: Magazine holder totem with four shelves, providing proper visibility for your company's catalogs.
  • Vaasa: Waste bin made of cardboard, commonly used during events or for setting up trade show booths.
  • Miami: Sustainable bin with a practical lid for quick disposal of contents.
  • Pocket: The "pocket" display, applicable to any vertical surface for the exhibition of promotional materials such as flyers and brochures. Available in 110, 160, and 220 formats.

Customized 3-Sided or 4-Sided Totems

The Totem 3 can be printed on 3.5mm Corrugated Plastic or 3.5mm Akyprint. Corrugated Plastic is a lightweight and cost-effective support with a honeycomb structure. Akyprint, on the other hand, is a polypropylene support characterized by a dark gray bubble structure, ideal for outdoor promotion and 100% recyclable. Both materials are suitable for high-definition printing.

The Totem 4 offers an additional face for printing your graphics. It is self-supporting and also available in two different materials: Corrugated Plastic and Akyprint. It is perfect for achieving greater visibility during an event.

Customized Totems with Original Shapes

In addition to the classic 3-sided or 4-sided advertising totems, on our website, you can find many other models with more unusual and creative shapes. The Tribeca Totem, for example, has a modular appearance and is made up of a series of printable blocks that can be stacked on top of each other to create unique combinations.

The Sidney Totem, characterized by an eye-catching curved shape resembling a sail, offers a large printable surface with your graphics and is printed on Double-Wave Cardboard.

Finally, the Giza Pyramid Totem is perfect for setting up and providing information at the same time! It is made of 3.5mm Corrugated Plastic and measures 90x180 cm. You can use it at exhibitions, trade shows, or inside your store to provide additional information about a product.

Showcase Your Products with Customized Totems

Within this page, you can also find many totems perfect for displaying your products in-store or during an event. For example, Toronto is a store display made of Double-Wave Cardboard, with dimensions of 30.6x98x50.6 cm. It features three convenient shelves and a solid base that allows it to stand independently. On the other hand, New York is a customizable catalogue holder, perfect for making your product catalogs, brochures, or informational booklets available to customers. We also recommend the Shelf Display, with dimensions of 80x170 cm, and the Tower Display.

Cardboard Shaped Displays: Your Custom-Made Totems

To set up a shop window, store, or trade show booth, you can use customized Cardboard Shaped Displays with your graphics. Choose from 5 formats and 2 different materials, select your image, and receive your new personalized Shaped Display directly to your door. It will be provided with production waste to protect it during shipping.

Order Your POS Displays Online in Just a Few Clicks!

Have you chosen the model that suits your needs? Now you can proceed with the customization of the product! Download the template from the product page and follow the instructions for correct setup of your print file. Then select your preferred customization options and provide us with the delivery date and desired quantity. Remember to order in advance to take advantage of lower prices!

After completing the configuration of your ideal product, you can view the free online quote, estimated in real-time based on your choices. Just a few more clicks and your order will be complete. Finally, you will receive your personalized POS Display directly at your office with fast and punctual shipping.

Advertising POS Displays and Many Other Solutions for Fairs and Events

Within our website, you have the opportunity to discover a wide range of displays, ideal for promotion in points of sale or to attract attention to your brand during fairs and industry events. Not only POS Displays but also Roll-Up Banners, for impactful communication without effort, and Flag Displays, particularly recommended for outdoor communication.

What are you waiting for? Don't limit your desire to communicate! Choose Pixartprinting and print your customized POS displays online!