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Print PVC cards online

PVC loyalty cards: made to last

In recent years plastic cards have become everyday, essential items, in both our professional and personal lives.

With online printing from Pixartprinting you can't go wrong

Thanks to our decades of experience in online printing on various materials, including PVC, we can guarantee extremely high quality service in a short space of time and at a low cost.

PVC cards: a wide range of products to meet all needs

Our range of plastic badges and loyalty cards is designed to provide solutions for all sectors, from loyalty cards for business activities and showing off your brand to company badges and custom ID cards. The cards are available in a simple version or a luxury version with extra thick varnish or gold or silver thermographic printing. You can also add a magnetic stripe, ideal for swipe cards or for all times when access or identification is required, or a scratch-off area to conceal a code.


All our models of PVC card are available in an 8.5 x 5.4 cm format with rounded corners. You can choose your preferred thickness (0.5 mm or 0.76 mm) for each model and opt for transparent PVC if you wish. The special version with a long or round hole, meanwhile, is ideal in business situations for identifying employees and/or visitors to the company, such as trade fairs, conferences and events.

Choose the product that best suits your requirements from our range of PVC cards


You can personalise the colours and finishes of each of the available models, and all can be printed on both the front and back. Choose from the different options to make your PVC cards stand out.

Ordering and purchasing

Ordering online on our website is very simple: select the options you require for your product and then complete your purchase in a matter of seconds.

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