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Tote bags - Pixartprinting

Customised tote bags

Customised tote bags are a cheap and effective way to promote your business and products to a wide audience. Pixartprinting's range of tote bags includes four product types suitable for all requirements, made of cotton or non-woven fabric. They can be printed with your logo or artwork on one or both sides with high-quality screen printing, with 12 colours to choose from.

Die-cut handle shopper bags

This bag with a simple and linear design is the smallest in the range, and has the main advantage of being the lowest priced item. The compact size of these slimline bags (30 x 37 cm) means they are not bulky and are ideal for distributing small promotional materials such as leaflets, information brochures and small gifts. Made of non-woven fabric, the die-cut handle bags are environmentally friendly and reusable and available in three different colours: black, white and pale grey.

Gusset or slimline shopper bags

The classic conference bags, ideal for retail, trade fairs and events. Lightweight, environmentally friendly and reusable, they are available in 100% 135 gsm cotton or 100 gsm non-woven fabric, either flat or with a gusset for increased capacity. There are 4 formats to suit all needs and 6 bright colours to choose from, printable on both sides to promote any event with the maximum possible visual impact.

Plastic-coated bags

The plastic-coated bags add a matt coating to the classic non-woven fabric shopper bags, making them even stronger and more durable and giving them a more prestigious appearance, but still at a competitive price. Lightweight, washable and durable, and available in a 45 x 35 cm format (plus a 15 cm gusset), they are ideal for carrying books and promotional materials and are available in black, white and pale grey.

Bags with zip fastening

Non-woven fabric bags with a zip fastening that offers the contents increased protection. They are recyclable and reusable for shopping. They have a large capacity and long handles, allowing them to be carried over the shoulder. They come in a 45 x 35 cm format with gusset.

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