Flexible Packaging

Choose our flexible packaging if you want to stand out on shop shelves. The various models of stand-up and flat pouches are ideal for protecting food and countless other products. Adapting easily to their contents, they offer both excellent capacity and flexibility.

A quote tailored to you
If you can't find what you're looking for, we also offer the option of ordering other customised flexible packaging from us. To find the perfect solution for you, contact one of our advisers at custom.solutions@pixartprinting.com and we will give you a personalised quote based on the configuration and print run you require.
Customisation options
Our flexible packaging comes with a range of options, allowing your product to be resealed or hung up, or enhanced with gloss or matt lamination. You can also choose to add information to the base of the pack. The options are:
  • Hang hole
  • Zip
  • Gloss/matt lamination
  • Printed base
Our flexible packaging is available in various multilayered materials, designed to seal the contents and protect them from moisture, leaving your product intact and protected from the outside world. All the materials we offer are safe for food contact and are bonded with 100% solvent-free glues.

Print Your Flexible Packaging

The limited availability of space is a factor that affects every stage of a product's life. Storage, transportation, shelf display, and even customer storage all require available space. For this reason, relying on non-bulky and functional packaging is essential. Flexible packaging has been designed to provide manufacturers and consumers with the most convenient yet highly reliable (and fully customizable!) packaging solutions. It's a new category of packaging products, particularly suitable for food products, cosmetics, pet food, and many others. Flexibility and strength are now the distinguishing features of our new flexible packaging, which includes quality solutions like stand-up Doypack pouches and flat pouches.

Flexible Packaging with Doypack Technology

Within our dedicated category of flexible packaging, you can explore the new stand-up Doypack pouches. These innovative and versatile products are widely used for packaging food or cosmetic products, characterized by their natural freshness and unique aromas to be preserved. The term "stand-up" refers to the specific shape of the pouches, allowing them to be displayed without the need for supports or containers. They can stand on their own, occupying less space on store shelves.

We offer two models of stand-up pouches: standard Doypack pouches and recyclable Doypack pouches. Both are printed in high definition using cutting-edge technology. Choose the ideal support for you and create your new custom flexible packaging with Pixartprinting!

Flat Pouches for Your Flexible Packaging

Ideal for condiments, sauces, and supplements, flat pouches are flexible, waterproof, sustainable, and fully customizable. They feature a special multi-layer technology that preserves the contents, protecting them from potential stress situations, and they are available in various formats. You have the choice between two different models of flat pouches: standard flat pouches and recyclable flat pouches. Standard flat pouches have a barrier that ensures complete protection of the contents. The pouch can withstand stress situations such as compression or scratches that may occur during transportation or product display. Recyclable flat pouches represent an environmentally conscious choice. They are designed not to have a negative impact on the environment while ensuring optimal performance.

The Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Doypack pouches and flat pouches are ideal for a wide range of products: food items, coffee, food and sports supplements, herbs and spices, pet food, cosmetics and personal care, small items... The possibilities are countless, but the benefits remain the same:

  • Flexibility: Flexible packaging allows for significant space savings compared to rigid containers of the same capacity.
  • Strength and Waterproofness: The multi-layer technology used to make Doypack pouches and flat pouches makes them resistant to impacts, scratches, and cuts. Moreover, the pouches are waterproof, protecting the natural freshness of the contents and preventing potential contamination during storage or transportation.
  • Sustainability: Doypack pouches are made with 75% less plastic compared to rigid containers of the same capacity.
  • Customization: Flexible packaging is fully customizable. With Pixartprinting, you can print your original graphics on the entire surface of the pouches, making them immediately recognizable and in line with your corporate image.

Flexible Packaging and Much More!

Our online catalog includes a wide range of products for printing custom packaging, perfectly in line with your brand's corporate image. For example, you can pair your new flexible pouches with custom adhesive labels to provide customers with essential information about the contents. You'll find numerous models, from paper labels to plastic labels. Custom-sized boxes are ideal for promoting various types of products, while shipping packaging is perfect for securely sending your products.

Choose the best solution for you and create your new custom flexible packaging tailored to your needs in just a few clicks with Pixartprinting!

FAQs About Flexible Packaging

  • What are the benefits of flexible packaging? Flexible packaging offers numerous advantages: high reliability and strength, significant space savings, and complete customization. Flexible pouches have been designed to withstand the stress typical of transportation, storage, and product display phases. They prevent content leakage and protect the contents from possible external contaminations.
  • Can I customize the flexible packaging with my original graphics? At Pixartprinting, "customization" is the keyword. Through our website, you have the possibility to give your packaging the appearance you prefer, aligning it with your brand's corporate image. Select the preferred options within the product page and upload your print file. Remember that if you have any doubts or special requests, you can rely on our customer support services.
  • What models of flexible pouches can I find in the catalog? Stand-up Doypack pouches have a specific shape that allows them to stand on their own on store shelves. You won't need any special displays or accessories to make them balance. They are available in both standard and recyclable versions. Flat pouches, on the other hand, are ideal for packaging condiments, sauces, supplements, and many other liquid or semi-liquid products. They are also available in standard and recyclable models.