Crash Lock Boxes

Our crash-lock boxes have two main features: one-step assembly and a reinforced, secure base. Customise them for your products, from fashion accessories and promotional items to bijou jars and bottles, or small gifts.

  • Lamination available
  • Optional finishes
  • 6 different materials

Custom Crash Lock Boxes

Crash lock boxes come with a bottom that automatically snaps into place during assembly. This feature makes them particularly sturdy and suitable for containing even heavier items such as food or cosmetic jars, perfume vials, bottles, vases, and decorative elements... in short, anything that requires a durable bottom!

With Pixartprinting, you have the option to print personalised crash lock boxes. You can choose the format and type of cardboard, add lamination and surface finishes, and even print the inside of the box if desired.

Formats and Sizes of Crash Lock Boxes

For printing your new crash lock boxes, you can select the Format and Dimensions you prefer. Choose the base and depth dimensions to discover all available formats. You have the option to create square or rectangular boxes, suitable for products of various sizes and shapes. In any case, your new cases can be assembled in just a few seconds, thanks to the convenient interlocking mechanism.

Crash Lock Boxes in Cardboard

Crash lock boxes are available in various materials. You can choose the type of cardboard you prefer:

  • Classic Cardboard: matte-coated white cardboard, printable on one side. Lightweight yet rigid, similar to higher grammage non-coated cardboard.
  • Premium Uncoated Cardboard: premium quality uncoated cardboard made of pure cellulose. The special treatment on both sides provides a tactile effect and guarantees sharp and brilliant printing.
  • Embossed Ivory Cardboard: natural uncoated cardboard made of pure cellulose, characterized by a rough surface and ivory color.
  • Black Cardboard: colored black cardboard made with 100% FSC®-certified recycled and eco-sustainable material. The smooth and regular surface allows excellent printability.
  • Kraft Cardboard: colored kraft cardboard made with 100% FSC®-certified recycled and eco-sustainable material. The smooth and regular surface allows excellent printability.

Crash Lock Boxes with Internal Printing

The crash lock boxes are 100% customisable. Your graphics can be printed on the internal surface of the box as well as the external one. To create your graphics, you can use Designer, our new free online editor: insert an image or choose one of our pre-defined designs, add a colored background and text to complete your packaging. You can include a thank-you message for your customers to make their unboxing experience unforgettable.

Embellishing Crash Lock Boxes with Special Finishes

Special finish highlights specific details of the print. With 3D varnish, you can give the graphic details a pleasant three-dimensional effect. With gold or silver lamination, you can make your logo, product name, or any other detail shine. The latter is achieved by applying gold or silver foil to areas of the print indicated by your graphic file. We recommend downloading the Template and Instructions to correctly set up your file.

Crash Lock Boxes with Lamination

To protect the surface of your new crash lock boxes, you can add glossy, matte, or Soft touch lamination:

  • Glossy Lamination: glossy plastic film that protects the print, enhances details, and makes colors more vibrant.
  • Matte Lamination: matte plastic film that protects the print and stabilizes colors over time.
  • Soft Touch Lamination: highly opaque plastic film that protects and enhances the print. Its velvety finish gives products a sophisticated and exclusive look.

Order Crash Lock Boxes Online

Ordering personalised crash lock boxes with Pixartprinting is easy. You can do it online through this page:

  1. Select your preferred customization options.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions from the page to set up your graphic file correctly. You can also use Designer, our free online editor, to create a new graphic.
  3. Place your order and upload the print file to complete the purchase.

Crash Lock Boxes and Other Packaging Products

In addition to crash lock boxes, our online catalog offers many other customisable products for your Packaging: custom boxes, custom stand-up pouches, food packaging, paper bags, and custom labels.

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