Sandwich Boxes

These boxes are designed to hold sandwiches, croissants, hot dogs or other bakery products. Their elongated shape means they will hold your food without squashing it, keeping it insulated and protected. Customise them with the branding of your cafe or takeaway service.

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Custom Printed Sandwich Boxes

Do you run a restaurant and offer takeout or delivery services? Do you frequently participate in street food events with your business? Today, with Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to create custom printed sandwich boxes, perfectly aligned with your brand's image. Your new food packaging will make your sandwiches or hot dogs immediately recognizable and help promote your business. The sandwich boxes are made of Delipac© cardboard, which is suitable for direct food contact. Ordering them is just a few clicks away. Discover them now!

Why Choose Our Sandwich Boxes?

Are you looking for affordable yet high-quality packaging for sandwiches or hot dogs? Our sandwich boxes are designed to meet the needs of those, like you, who want to use convenient and cost-effective food containers:

  • They are made of Delipac© cardboard, a material suitable for direct food contact (resistant to grease and oil), and are printed with safe inks specifically designed for these purposes.
  • They have an oval shape, functional and original, and do not take up much space when stored. The sandwich boxes can be assembled in seconds at the time of use, avoiding unnecessary waste of space.
  • They can be used in a microwave or freezer.
  • They are fully recyclable.

The oval sandwich boxes, with their shape, are perfect for products like sandwiches and hot dogs. You can serve your products quickly, heating them in the microwave without removing them from the packaging.

Sandwich Boxes Made of Delipac© Cardboard

What is Delipac©? Delipac© cardboard is a type of cardboard used in the food industry for creating safe and reliable packaging. It has a special water-resistant coating that makes it incredibly resistant to oil and grease, and it can be fully recycled. Moreover, it can be placed in the microwave or freezer along with the contents, without the risk of contamination. It is a material specifically designed for food applications and is widely used by restaurants that prioritize takeout services.

Order Your Sandwich Boxes Online

Ordering custom printed sandwich boxes with Pixartprinting is easy. You can do it through this page, in just a few clicks:

  1. Download the Template and Instructions to set up your print file correctly.
  2. Select the customization options you prefer.
  3. Submit your order and upload the print file to complete the purchase.

You can also use Designer, our free online editor, to create your new design. Upload your image and modify it, crop it, resize it, add text, or a colored background. You can also choose from pre-set designs, which are also customizable.

Our Products for Custom Food Packaging

At Pixartprinting, we work every day to offer a typography printing service based on the needs of professionals. Our extensive online catalog includes many products for custom food packaging: sandwich boxes, takeaway boxes, food trays, and many more. Discover the most suitable items for your needs and personalize them through our website, easily and quickly!

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