This two- or three-shelf cardboard display is designed to show off your products on counters, tables or shelves. From invitation cards and brochures to jars and small goods: counter displays with shelves are effective presentation solutions wherever you do business, from shops to trade fairs.

  • Lamination available

Customize and print your Cardboard Countertop Displays with shelves

Pixartprinting's Countertop Displays for products

The Cardboard Countertop Displays with shelves are ideal for enhancing the visibility of small-sized products in retail stores, such as newsstands, tobacco shops, pharmacies, and other retail outlets. They allow you to showcase the product while maintaining its image or matching the colors of your setup. These are affordable countertop displays that are functional and completely customizable. With Pixartprinting, you have the option to print your Cardboard Displays with custom graphics. You can display an original support that will easily attract attention.

They are easy to assemble yet highly durable, thanks to the solid structure of single-wave cardboard. You can choose the model that suits your needs among the two options provided and order the quantity you desire with just a few clicks.

Models of Cardboard Displays with shelves and finishing options

Single-wave cardboard is a durable material that is particularly suitable for printing, with reduced costs yet capable of delivering remarkable results in terms of quality. Our shelf displays are characterized by a lightweight yet sturdy structure capable of supporting the weight of products. You have the option to select the preferred model among the following two:

  • Minneapolis: A product display with two shelves and a crowner on which you can print the product name or a custom image. It has the following dimensions: Width 21.4 cm; Height 47.6 cm; Depth 18 cm. The shelves measure 21 x 14 cm and 21 x 18 cm.
  • Leeds small: Three closed-bottom shelves measuring 14 x 9 cm, ideal for displaying your small-format products, supported by a robust self-supporting structure with overall dimensions of 15.3 x 39.5 x 19.5 cm.

In both cases, you can apply a Surface Lamination (Glossy or Matte) to the Cardboard Display to protect the print from potential scratches.

Select the desired quantity and delivery date to take advantage of prompt shipments and receive the product directly at your store.

Pixartprinting's customizable Cardboard Displays: Give shape to your promotional messages

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Find the support that suits your needs and make it unique with the countless customization options we offer.