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Printed Napkins and Printed Placemats

Printed napkins

Printed Napkins in tissue are ideal If you would like to deliver fully personalised exeprience at your Bar, Pub, Restuarant or Cafè, we can help you print it, either in small or large format and in any imaginable shape!

In addition to Printed Napkins our extensive catalogue of printed products covers Food and Drink industry directly related items, such as printed placemats, and bottle hoders or personalised T-shirts.
Custom printed napkins are available in, 2 different paper types, 3 different sizes and 6 different colous.

Printed Placemats

Printed placemats are aslo available for wholesale orders starting from pack of 500. File preparation is quick and easy, with the detailed and user-friendly template. However, for further details about printed placemats our Customer Care team is trained to provide you tailor made guidance.

To complete personalisation of your premises, Pixartprinting is specialised in Gallery feel printed wall pictures and personalised wall stickers.

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