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Packaging Supplies – custom printed by Pixartprinting

Packaging Supplies – printing and ordering

Packaging supplies category includes a selection of custom printed paper carrier bags, food bags, bottle bags, takeaway boxes, cardboard bottle carriers and cardboard trays, available in a range of sizes and may vary from everyday products to luxury items, depending on your choice of material and finishings. Packaging supplies printing is oriented towards restaurants and bars, but may also be used in hospitality sector overall.

Ordering process for packaging suppliers is easy and straightforward. To ensure your final packaging product is exactly what you are looking for, it is necessary to strictly follow the file uploading instructions of your graphics, wordings, logos or designs.

Packaging supplies - delivery

All packaging supplies are available for standards5 to 7 days delivery, where shipping costs are included in the price.

If you would like to accompany packaging products with personalised service price list or an information booklets , shopping at Pixartprinting gives you an opportunity order and buy everything at one place.

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