Premium packaging

Special packaging for exceptional products: we have numerous customisation options to make your packaging unique and ensure it stands out from the rest.

Special finishes
Make a word, a detail or the entire box stand out: with our range of special finishes you can highlight certain elements of your box, or all of it! Choose from various colours of foil and 3D varnish.
Different materials
Choose from a range of standard or sophisticated materials for your packaging – classic, premium uncoated or ivory rough-finish card, plus durable corrugated cardboard for shipping your goods or holding delicate or heavier items.
We have various lamination options to protect your print, prolong its life and bring out the colours and details in your packaging: opt for matt or gloss lamination for a classic effect, or choose soft-touch lamination for a striking result.
Custom cut-outs
You can create small holes or windows in any shape you like to decorate your boxes or show off their contents. You can even customise your boxes with multiple holes of different sizes, and use this option as an artistic way to provide a glimpse of your product. We can create any kind of cut-out in your packaging, from a simple circle to the name of your brand or your logo.
Inside printing
Customise your cardboard packaging on both the inside and outside. Add images and text to give your customers a surprising unboxing experience — and a stunning container!

Elevate Your Products with Premium Packaging

Appeal to the senses with packaging that speaks quality. Our high-quality packaging not only sparks curiosity but also elevates the presentation of your products. Let us showcase our top-tier premium packaging solutions, including Material Selection, Finishing, Lamination, and Internal Cutting, all designed to create boxes that leave a lasting impression.

At Pixartprinting, we give you the freedom to create personalized packaging that showcases and promotes your products effectively. Unleash your creativity by choosing the perfect configuration options to craft cardboard boxes that stand out on any shelf.

Premium Packaging: Exquisite Materials, Finishing, and Lamination

Among the plethora of options, you get to pick your preferences and find the perfect configuration options on our product page. Our selection of Materials ensures high-resolution images with brilliant colours, crafted with the latest printing technologies to reflect your brand's image in an authentic premium packaging solution.

Enhance the appearance of your boxes with Finishing, accentuating essential details. Opt for Lamination to make specific graphic elements shine, such as text or logos, or add a touch of allure with a 3D Varnish effect.

With Lamination, your print will be protected from potential scratches, while the boxes maintain an appealing look and feel.

Premium Packaging: Intriguing Internal Printing and Cutting

Give your packaging a personal touch by printing original graphics on the internal surface of your boxes. Select the External and Internal Printing option on the product page to impress your customers with a hidden thank-you message, revealed only once the package is opened.

Enhance the customer experience further with the Cutting option, allowing you to create boxes with windows or die-cut shapes that offer a glimpse of the contents inside.

Let your premium packaging speak volumes about your brand's unique identity!

Explore a World of Premium Packaging Ideas

Our extensive online catalog showcases a myriad of solutions for crafting custom packaging tailored to your company's image. Choose from custom-sized boxes, printable with your graphics, or opt for custom adhesive labels and swing tags to provide customers with all the information they need about your products and your brand.

Seal your packages with style using custom packaging tape, fully customizable with your graphics.

Unlock the potential to communicate your product's quality with stunning premium packaging solutions available today!