Snap Shut Boxes

Our snap shut boxes are designed to hold sophisticated, luxury products. Available in four different sizes, they're made of a durable, laminated paperboard, with a lid that closes securely thanks to two hidden magnets.

  • Various print areas
  • 1, 2 or 4 colours

Magnetic Closure Boxes

Practical and stylish, magnetic closure boxes are the perfect containers for sophisticated products such as food or cosmetics. They feature a functional and essential packaging design with a magnetized lid for secure closure. Their advantage? Your customers can open and close the boxes without risking damage to the printed surface. You can use them as jewelry boxes or as packaging for luxury products, as well as for showcasing your products at fairs or inaugurations. Once the events are over, the magnetic boxes can be repurposed as valuable keepsake items for your customers.

At Pixartprinting, customization is the key. We offer our twenty years of experience and cutting-edge printing technologies to allow you to create customized magnetic closure boxes with utmost convenience, right from the comfort of your studio. Take advantage of the excellent quality-price ratio! Unleash your creativity and personalize the lid to create packaging that perfectly aligns with your company's corporate image. It's incredibly easy to do with just a few clicks and a custom graphic.

When to Use Magnetic Closure Boxes?

Magnetic boxes or magnetized boxes are simple and versatile, but they offer an extra edge. When does it make sense to use them? You can use them to create reusable packaging: the magnetic closure ensures that the package remains undamaged during opening, allowing it to be reused for other purposes later on. These boxes are often used to contain jewelry, perfumes, ties, or any luxury product. They are also popular for packaging wedding favors and gifts.

Customized Magnetic Closure Boxes

You can customize your new magnetic closure boxes in just a few clicks by selecting your preferred customization options:

  1. Size: You have four predefined sizes to choose from. Options include 18x18x7 cm, 25x18x10 cm, 35x25x12 cm, and 42x30x8 cm.
  2. Customizable Area: You can personalize the lid, the closure flap, or both areas with your own graphics.
  3. Material: Coated cardboard with white laminated paper, 3 mm thick.
  4. Printing Type: You have three possibilities. Single-color screen printing for your logo or message allows you to choose from 11 different hues. Two-color screen printing offers 11 color options for the first color and 10 for the second. Finally, you can opt for digital four-color printing for more complex graphics.

Order Your Magnetic Boxes in a Few Clicks

By selecting the customization options that suit your needs, you can keep track of the product price through the useful free online quote. It is automatically estimated based on your preferences and displayed directly on the page. We recommend downloading the Template and Instructions to correctly set up your print file. And if you don't have a ready-to-use graphic, you can create a new one right on our website by choosing Designer - our free editor - or relying on our Design Services.

Once you have completed the customization, submit your order and upload your print file to complete the purchase!

Create Graphics for Your Magnetic Closure Boxes

Through Designer, our free online editor, you have the option to create the graphics for your new magnetic closure boxes in just a few clicks. You can add an image, such as your store logo, text, a colored background, or a customizable pattern. Thanks to the 3D preview, you can see the final result of your work in real time. This way, you can create magnetic closure boxes that perfectly match your corporate image.

Magnetic Closure Boxes and Other Packaging Ideas

At Pixartprinting, you can find numerous solutions for creating the best packaging for your products. Not only magnetic closure boxes, but also custom boxes, shipping envelopes, and much more.

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