Flip Lid Food Boxes

Our flip lid food boxes are perfect for holding patisserie or bakery products, or any food that needs protection. The lid allows you to close the box in a few simple moves, protecting the contents from the outside world.

  • From 100 items
  • Various sizes available

Custom Takeaway Containers

Convenient, eco-friendly, and available in different sizes, Flip Lid Food Boxes are perfect for bakeries, bars, or restaurants that offer takeaway services. Delivered flat, they are extremely easy to assemble due to their self-locking nature. Equipped with a front-opening lid, these boxes are suitable for direct food contact. The cardboard used for the Custom Takeaway Containers is recyclable and durable, providing protection for your dishes against external factors. You can personalize them with your own graphics, ensuring that your takeaway packaging aligns perfectly with the coordinated image of your establishment.

Why Choose Takeaway Containers?

Takeaway food containers are useful in various contexts. Apart from the obvious use in delivering takeaway food for bars and restaurants, these food containers can also be handy for direct food sales, such as at fairs, events, or market stalls. Customized takeaway food containers are also an excellent solution for distributing food at catering events. Guests can conveniently keep different dishes within reach and have a convenient way to store leftover food for later consumption or take it home.

Customized Takeaway Containers in Delipac©

The Custom Takeaway Containers are made from Delipac© cardboard, a material suitable for direct food contact. Its special water-based coating makes it remarkably resistant to oil and grease. It is fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. It can be frozen and/or microwaved while maintaining its characteristics. The cardboard has a grammage of 360 gsm.

Choose the Most Suitable Size for Takeaway Containers

You can select from various sizes for your food packaging boxes, choosing the options that best fit your project. The base of the box ranges from a minimum of 100 mm to a maximum of 300 mm, while the depth of the customized containers varies from 100 mm to 200 mm. You can create a tailor-made container to accommodate the items you need to store.

The Design of Takeaway Containers

If you don't have a ready-made graphic file for printing your new Takeaway Containers, you can rely on our Design Services. Our professional graphic designer will assist you in creating your box based on your instructions. You will have access to a professional design for a high-quality printing result. Discover this solution!