Hanging Boxes

Hanging boxes are ideal for giving your products prime position on displays with hooks, and can make your packaging stand out from the other items in a shop when hung next to the till or between the shelves. They are perfect for holding small items of clothing or electronics such as cables or ear buds.

  • Lamination available
  • Optional window
  • 6 different materials

Customisable Hanging Window Boxes for Retail Packaging

Pixartprinting offers a versatile range of hanging retail boxes, designed to provide high visibility and easy accessibility for your products. Whether you sell electronics, clothing, or other retail items, our hanging product packaging comes in various sizes, ranging from 5 cm to 18 cm in width and offering different depths to suit your needs.

What makes our hanging boxes unique is the opportunity to personalise them with your own logo and graphics, ensuring that your products stand out from the competition. With fast delivery and affordable pricing, Pixartprinting is your go-to solution for attractive and effective retail packaging.

Various Sizes and Window Options

At Pixartprinting, we understand that each product has different requirements. Hence, you can select the dimensions of your customised hanging boxes from a range of options. From widths of 5 cm to 18 cm, you can then choose the depth based on your preferred width selection. Additionally, you can opt for hanging boxes with or without a window, with the window being either open or made from PVC.

Durable Paperboard Material

Our hanging retail packaging boxes are crafted from 380 gsm ultra-thick paperboard, a matt white material that strikes the perfect balance between durability and lightweight design. This ensures that when you display your products using our hanging window boxes, they remain secure without putting excessive pressure on display stands.

Special Finishes and Lamination

For added visual appeal, you can choose from a range of special finishes for our hanging boxes without windows. These include:

  • Selective varnish: adding a transparent varnish to create a gloss effect.
  • 3D varnish: applying an extra-thick transparent varnish for an embossed effect on specific areas of the artwork.
  • Gold foil: using hot stamping to create a shiny metallic effect with a gold coating.
  • Silver foil: applying a silver coating for a striking metallic look.

Furthermore, we offer three types of lamination – matt, gloss, or soft touch – to protect the print on your hanging product packaging. However, please note that soft touch lamination is not available for hanging retail boxes with a window.

Easy Ordering Process

Placing an order for custom hanging boxes is a breeze with Pixartprinting. Follow the step-by-step process to configure your retail packaging boxes exactly as you desire. Step 2 offers a variety of quantities with corresponding prices and estimated delivery dates, providing options to prioritize speed or budget. If needed, you can also request a professional file check by our graphic design team. Step 3 offers useful documents to assist you in setting up your print file correctly, making the ordering process seamless.

If you have any inquiries about our hanging window boxes or need assistance with placing an order, our Customer Support team is ready to help.

Complement Your Hanging Window Boxes

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