Square pillow boxes

Our pillow gift boxes are extremely easy to assemble in just a few steps, with no tape required. They are designed for holding jewellery, small accessories, favours and gifts to give out at events.

  • Five sizes
  • Optional custom cut-out

Pillow Boxes

Are you looking for Pillow Boxes for your products, promotional items or gifts? With Pixartprinting, you can create customised Pillow Boxes featuring your original graphics. In just a few clicks, you can produce unique packaging for your items or gifts. Do you want to use original packaging to make your products instantly recognisable? Do you want to package your promotional items or gifts in personalised Pillow Boxes? You can, with Pixartprinting.

Customise your new Pillow Boxes on this page and have them sent directly to your shop or home! They are easy to assemble and will be ready to hold your products in just a few seconds.

Pillow Boxes customised with your graphics

With Pixartprinting, it is easy to order customised Pillow Boxes. You can do it online on this page:

  1. Select your preferred customisation options.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions from our graphic designers on how to set up your print file correctly.
  3. Submit your order and upload your print file.

Remember, if you have any questions or specific requests, you can always rely on our Customer Support services. We will be ready to help at any stage of your purchase.

Paperboard Pillow Boxes

Our Pillow Boxes are made from lightweight but resistant paperboard. They are printed in high definition using the best technology on the market. They are ideal for creating customised packaging for small products. Displayed on a shelf, they will be instantly recognisable.

Print your brand's graphics on the surface of the pillow boxes! Your logo, chosen image or text describing the contents will be printed in high definition with clear details and bright colours.

Pillow Boxes: ideal for gifts and favours

Our Pillow Boxes can also be used for your hand-made favours. Print your image on the outside and unleash your creativity. You can amaze your guests with a unique and personalised gift!

Pillow Boxes and other solutions for your packaging

Our vast catalogue contains many different products for customised packaging. At Pixartprinting, you can find various models of made-to-measure boxes, as well as Pillow Boxes. Take a look at them all and complete your packaging with our Paper Bags and Stickers.