Snap Lock Bottom Box

Choose Snap lock boxes for all your classic products: these simple yet versatile boxes with a dovetail base are easy to assemble and are suitable for any type of contents, including clothing accessories and merchandise.

  • Optional custom cut-out
  • Special finishes available

Interlocking Rectangular Boxes

Rectangular Boxes are made of Cardboard and feature a classic interlocking closure. They are completely customizable with your original graphics and printed in high definition using state-of-the-art technology. They can be used to create unique packaging that aligns with the overall image of your company or store.

Print Interlocking Rectangular Boxes in just a few clicks! You can easily do so through this page and have them delivered directly to your store or office.

Print Custom Rectangular Boxes

Ordering your new Cardboard Rectangular Boxes with Pixartprinting is easy.

  1. Select the configuration options you prefer on this page.
  2. Download the Template and Instructions from the page to assist you in setting up your print file.
  3. Place your order and upload your file.

You will receive your new custom Rectangular Boxes through fast and punctual shipping. Remember that if you have any doubts or special requests, you can always rely on our customer support services. You also have the option to preview the final price of the product with our online quote, which is automatically estimated during the configuration.

Rectangular Boxes for Products, Gifts, and Events

Rectangular Boxes are ideal for packaging various types of products. Create custom-sized cardboard boxes specifically designed to contain and promote your items. Utilize the entire surface to showcase your product and unleash your creativity without limitations!

Interlocking Rectangular Boxes can also be used for distributing giveaways during fairs and special events or creating original gift packages.